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Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night Thanks

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  • Craig
    Greetings all! As the event stewards of this past Kingdom Twelfth Night held in the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea, we have many people to thank. Our staff and
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      Greetings all!

      As the event stewards of this past Kingdom Twelfth Night held in the
      Province of Tree-Girt-Sea, we have many people to thank. Our staff and
      their volunteers worked hard to make the event run as effortlessly and
      efficiently as possible while trying to provide fun time. It was
      wonderful to work with each of them. Please bear with this lengthy
      post of thanks and please forgive any oversights or incorrect spellings.

      We thank Their Royal Majesties King Ullr and Queen AnneLyse and Their
      Royal Highnesses Prince Eikbrandr and Princess Runa for their
      patronage and selecting our celebration to be Kingdom Twelfth Night.
      Further gratitude to Princess Jocea of Ealdormere and Prince Stephen
      of Northshield for visiting the Province.

      We also appreciate the members of the Order of the Rose who helped by
      sponsoring our Youth Tourney. The children had a great time and it was
      a great opportunity for them to not only prove their skills but also
      learn more of chivalry and ceremony.

      We were able to send invitations for the event to the Royals and the
      Roses in an Italian style. Yzabels came up with the style and
      illumination with guidance and calligraphy from Jocelyn. Adam made the
      finger loop braids that were used for the seals for the invitations.

      Phebe managed creating the chocolate roses used in the youth tourney.
      She was helped by Julia, Kevin, Meliora, Robyyan, Eoghan, and Fern.

      Acelina, Sean, and Fern were the marshals in charge of the Youth
      Tourney. Moira, Cezara, and Torquil also helped as marshals. Anne
      helped as list mistress.

      Our Royal liaison was Phebe who made sure that the Royalty Room was
      lovely and comfortable and who also provided food and drink for all of
      the peerage and business meetings. She was helped by Jale, Sarafina,
      Joe, Kevin, and Eoghan.

      Tacit and Gianetta were the feast stewards. They were very flexible
      with feast, adapting the numbers they had to cook for quickly while
      still preparing a feast that was enjoyable and tasty. It's a
      difficult job to cook for so many while also trying to create a period
      menu. It was very much appreciated. Congratulations for a job well

      Their staff included Hal, Christian, Dunstan, Meliora, Conabhar,
      Katerina, Sarafina, Cecil, Jennifer, Bojei, Eoghan, and Antonie.

      Our servers for feast were from the Shire of Foxvale organized by
      Francesca as head server. They included Gwen, Elaine, Gareth, Ryan,
      Ansel, Richard, Emily, Keena, Heather, Seamus, Xavier, Cathy, Hillary,
      and Kuji, Katarina, Ellen, Eleanor, Emily, Diane, Ken, Heather, and Fern.

      The glass blown feast tokens were created by Aethelwulf. He was
      assisted in the glass shop by Adam and Phebe.

      We are very thankful for our dishwashers. They included Katarina,
      Meliora, and Megan. Thanks also to Robyyan and Fern for laundering the
      table clothes and Adam for helping with folding.

      Lunch was provided by Tree-Girt-Sea and the Horde. Thanks to
      Aethelwulf for making the menu and to Nadezda and Eoghan for helping
      with the cooking and serving.

      Our basket fund raiser was raiser was managed by Jocelyn. She not only
      solicited some great items but she made them pretty together and
      helped gather a staff to man the table. Thanks to all of our
      neighboring groups and the local guilds for donating baskets. They
      were great! Her table staff included Yzabels, Alastair, Meliora, and

      Nicholaa organized the Ayreton Craftsperson's Faire. Due to life
      matters, Jale stepped in to handle the Faire at the last minute and
      was helped by Kristiana. She was also the Mater of Ceremonies for the
      Performing arts section of the Faire and did a wonderful job. Thanks
      to all the artists who displayed; there was some incredible art work.

      Adam was our class coordinator. Thanks to Hilary, Katarina, Kuji,
      Seamus, Amelie, Arrienne, Rome Chicago, Verena, Aethelwulf, and
      Heather for sharing their knowledge and being willing to teach.

      We had volunteers to help us have even more arts. Robyyan organized
      our music room, Teleri and Dunstan organized our dance room, and Henry
      organized our scribal activities. Teleri and Dunstan also organized
      the masqued ball along with Robyyan as the director for the pit.
      Special thanks to all of the musicians who played for the ball.

      We tried our best to help offer a good Italian/Roman experience. Tacit
      and Gianetta created a Roman feast. Jocelyn made the baskets per
      different Roman topics. Many of our dances were Italian. Some of the
      performances were Italian. Many of our classes were either Italian or
      Roman in nature. Francesca made Roman masque togas for the servers.
      Kuji performed hand washing during the feast. Jocelyn created a
      beautiful back drop for people to take pictures in front and pose as
      if they were in an Italian courtyard. Meliora ran a mask making table
      with masks created by Dunstan and supplies from Jocelyn and Eleanor.

      Thanks to Jale, Gianetta, and Adam for proof reading the event
      advertisements, promotional materials, and the event booklet.

      Jocelyn was the master mind behind our lovely paper Roman columns in
      the main hall. She came up with the idea and then organized the
      Province to create over forty of them for our decorations. Production
      staff included Juliana, Dunstan, Meliora, Nadezda, Fern, Robyyan, and

      Nadezda acted as out site liaison. She helped us get lower changes for
      the site, make room changes, and get the bar open earlier than usual
      (which we all can thank her for!).

      Our crash space coordinator was Dunstan. Thanks to all the people who
      opened up their homes. We had many people who came to the Province for
      the event and stayed the evening in people's homes. Your generosity
      made their trips more possible. Thank you.

      Our gate coordinator was Juliana. We had over 500 people come though
      with 150 pre-reservations. Obviously it was a great deal of work.
      Thanks to Margaret, Antonie, Katerina, Ed, Kaitlyn, Kevin, and Yzabels
      for helping out as her staff.

      Nadezda was our merchant coordinator. We set her a difficult task –
      limiting the number of merchants and the space they were provided. But
      she organized well and did her best to accommodate everyone. Thanks to
      both her and the merchants for their patience and willingness to work
      together in a difficult situation.

      Storage shed unloading was made quick and painless with the help of
      Hal, Adam, Fern, Margaret, Killian, and Aethelwulf.

      Our pre-event set up crew included Jale, Kevin, Jocelyn, Yzabels,
      Alastair, and Ragnar. The morning of the event went so much more
      smoothly because we were able to have so much already done the night
      before. Thanks to Killian for putting up and taking down the out doors
      directional signs in the sub-zero weather to help people find the event.

      Our day of set up crew and unload crew included John, Duncan, Adam,
      Christian, Katerina, Meliora, Nadezda, Phebe, Kevin, Fern, Robyyan,
      Hal, Joe, Ignatius, Acelina, Sean, and Eoghan. So many people helped
      get everyone out of the cold and up the stairs.

      Room resets were managed by Killian. Many people helped tear down the
      Youth Tourney list field and then place chairs for in rows for Court.
      Many hands then made quick work of removing chairs and pulling forward
      feast tables so that the transitions went smoothly and quickly.

      Our site clean up crew was extensive and led by Fern. We were able to
      close out site even earlier than years past which was very much
      appreciated by all.

      The Province of Tree-Girt-Sea officers played an important part in
      making everything run smoothly for the event, especially our Seneschal
      Honorable Lady Nadezda and our Exchequer Lady Margaret. It important
      to have reliable, dependable officers and they serve the Province well.

      We will have most certainly let some one slip through the cracks but
      please do not think we appreciate your service any less. Some of you
      we will at least know by face – so when we see you again we will thank
      you at that time. Many people made this event happen and we are
      thankful for the Province, our friends in Ayreton, and the rest of the
      Kingdom for making it such a wonderful time.

      In service,
      ~ Cerian and Philip
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