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[CHARTER] Notes from Committee Meeting 2009-01-11

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  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
    Ayreton Charter Committee 2009-01-11 Meeting Notes Attending: Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T) Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T) Henry of Exeter (Terry Doner)(R)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2009
      Ayreton Charter Committee
      2009-01-11 Meeting

      Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T)
      Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T)
      Henry of Exeter (Terry
      Etienne des Roches (Steve DesRoches)(GG)
      Twm ap Twm
      (Tim Dinan) (V)
      Sean o'Shaughnessy (Tom
      Aethelwulf of Dover (Thomas Scrip) (T)
      Sinclair (Harlie DesRoches) (GG)
      Ansel Claybourne (Jim Sherrod)
      Hillary of Langeforde (Aggie Berger) (F)
      O'Siodhachain (Justin Sheehan)(T)
      Fern de la Foret (Laurie
      Erickson) (T)

      (F = Foxvale, G = Grey Gargoyles, R =
      Rokkehealden, T = Tree-Girt-Sea, V = Vanished Wood)

      We started with reviewing the previous
      meeting notes, making one change, and agreeing that we would revisit
      the membership topic at the next (February) meeting.

      The change is that the previously
      published notes state that on the topic of meetings,
      “...There should be a populace
      meeting at least monthly...”.
      That is corrected to
      “...There should be a populace
      meeting at least quarterly...”.

      We reviewed received correspondence,
      with Robyyan reading it aloud, and everyone having the opportunity to
      read it for themselves. Reminder: if you have opinions you would
      like heard on charter topics but cannot attend the meeting, send
      email to Robyyan and it will be taken to the meeting in hard copy
      form for everyone to see.

      We discussed the topics of DECISION

      On decision making, we agreed that for
      the most part, we select officers to make decisions, so the officers
      of the barony should be the primary decision makers. On issues where
      the officers are not in substantial agreement, the populace shall be
      consulted. Left for a future meeting are definitions of “in
      substantial agreement” and in what manner the populace shall be

      We agreed that 75% of the officers are
      needed to make a quorum (the minimum number needed to hold a vote
      that is binding). We agreed that proxies may be counted to make a
      quorum on specific topics, even if a quorum is not present for all
      topics. We deferred to a future meeting the question of whether a
      simple majority or super majority is needed to make a decision.

      We agreed the Baron/ess, Seneschal,
      Exchequer, Pursuivant, Minister of Arts & Sciences, Knight's
      Marshall, and Chronicler should be members of the officer's group. We
      deferred to a future meeting a final resolution of which additional
      officers (if any) are a part of the group that makes decisions, and a
      decision on the name of that group. We also deferred the question of
      whether the Baron/ess has one vote or two.

      On proxy voting, we agreed that written
      proxies will be accepted for votes on specific topics. Open proxies
      (X gives Y permission to vote for them on any topics that come up)
      will not be permitted. Hard copy of email is acceptable as a written
      proxy. A somewhat related issue came up, and the group decided to
      make explicit that it is acceptable for people to make arrangements
      to attend meetings electronically, e.g. via telephone.

      We briefly discussed the topic of
      GUILDS, but decided there wasn't enough time remaining before the
      Ayreton meeting, so we deferred discussion for a future meeting.

      Noting how many decisions are being
      deferred because they are bogging down discussion, and in light of
      how long it is taking to reach agreement on many topics, we agreed to
      consider these two questions as homework before the next meeting:
      * How does this (meaning each topic raised) advance or support the Barony?
      * How can we be more effective as a committee?

      Next Meeting: 2009-02-08 in Vanished
      Wood, site TBA, same as Ayreton meeting. We will attempt to finalize
      decisions on all Organizational topics: decision making and proxy
      voting, guilds, events, and amendments.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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