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  • Wendy Pastrick
    More from the Middlebringe. And it had been soooo quiet! Smiles, Jale ... From: David A Young To: sca-middle@midrealm.org Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2009
      More from the Middlebringe. And it had been soooo quiet!


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      From: David A Young <david.young1@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:43:18 AM
      Subject: [Mid] ATTN: MIDREALM EXCHEQUERS!!

      To all Midrealm Exchequers
      Here's a requesst from the Society Exchequer
      Everyone else, please pass this along to your local exchequer

      >>It’s that time of the year when the 1099’s need to be prepared so can
      you please send out a message to your local exchequers that I need the
      following information:

      A list of people that have received payment for services rendered to the
      SCA inc. I’m not just looking for just amounts over $600 since I know
      there are some that have done work in multiple kingdoms such as Virginia
      Punkari who makes and repairs crowns, etc.

      1. If the payment is a reimbursement for a bill they received such
      as web hosting then I don’t need that info

      2. If the payment does not have a split between materials and
      service then I do need that – ie – Joe submits a bill to the
      kingdom/group for repairing the thrones but doesn’t state how much is
      labor and how much is materials

      3. If the payment is to someone for teaching I do need that.

      The local exchequers can email me directly at exchequer@... with the
      information by Monday January 19th.



      From: David A Young <david.young1@...>
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