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[CHARTER] Notes from 2008-12-14

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  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
    Attending: Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T) Sarafina Sinclair (Harlie DesRoches) (GG) Etienne des Roches (Steve DesRoches)(GG) Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2009
      Robyyan (Dennis Sherman)(T)
      Sarafina Sinclair (Harlie DesRoches) (GG)
      Etienne des Roches (Steve DesRoches)(GG)
      Philip White (Craig Shupee)(T)
      Aethelwulf of Dover (Thomas Scrip) (T)
      Fern de la Foret (Laurie Erickson) (T)
      Ansel Claybourne (Jim Sherrod) (F)
      Eoghan O'Siodhachain (Justin Sheehan)(T)
      Twm ap Twm (Tim Dinan) (V)
      Hillary of Langeforde (Aggie Berger) (F)
      Gareth Ostwestly (Jeff Berger) (F)

      We started with a schedule check for March and April, noting that Robyyan will be out of the country at the scheduled March meeting and that April's meeting is scheduled for Easter Sunday. We decided that someone else would run the March meeting (TBD), and the April meeting would be moved to April 5 (at Grey Gargoyles).

      We then reviewed the notes from the previous meeting, making no changes in the topics we expect the charter to cover.

      We agreed the charter should include text to state explicitly this precedence of law:

      Modern, SCA, and Kingdom laws all take precedence (in that order) over anything stated in the charter.

      We then had a long discussion on membership. We agreed that the term "members" of Ayreton is reserved for paying members of the SCA, Inc. who reside in the zip code boundaries of Ayreton as defined by the SCA, Inc. The official officer positions required and recognized by the SCA, Inc. are reserved for members of Ayreton.

      We then discussed a more general definition, which we at times called "citizen" and at times called "resident". The decision on the term was "resident", which means people who are part of Ayreton, whether they are paying members of the SCA, Inc. or not, and whether they live within the zip code boundaries or not.

      We agreed that residents of Ayreton should have a voice in officer selection. Major event staff positions (that are not required to be members by the SCA, Inc.) should be held by residents. We said there are no participation requirements to be considered a resident, and there are no requirements about being a member of SCA, Inc. We left for future discussion whether there should be any awards reserved for residents of Ayreton.

      [[Special note from Robyyan: I'm not happy with the way I moderated this discussion, and I'm not entirely pleased with the results. We will revisit this topic if other people are in agreement.]]

      We discussed meetings, agreeing that Ayreton officers should meet monthly in a public venue. Minutes of the meeting should be published. There should be a populace meeting at least monthly as well. We agreed the charter will not address the location of meetings.

      At this point we ran out of time, and the topic of decision making was deferred.

      Next Meeting: 2009-01-11 in
      Rokkehealden, specifically at Molly Malone's Tavern, 7652 Madison
      Street, Forest Park, IL 60130. We will continue making decisions on
      Organizational topics: decision making and proxy voting, guilds,
      events, and amendments.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)
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