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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Please come join us Wednesday, April 24, 2006 for another weekly Renaissance Dance Practice; everyone is welcome. We have been having great sessions learning a
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      Please come join us Wednesday, April 24, 2006 for another weekly Renaissance Dance Practice; everyone is welcome. We have been having great sessions learning a variety of dances and styles, adding fancy ornamentation, and spinning through hays until we all are dizzy.

      Schedule: 7 to 9 pm

      Location: University of Chicago Campus, Burton-Judson dormitory, 1005 E. 60th Street.

      If you have problems finding or getting in the dorm, call Caitlin on her cell (510) 520-0969, and she'll help you out.

      Since the current location is a dorm, remember that we need to respect the University policies. So far, we haven't had any trouble working with them. If you would like to come to dance, please do the following:

      ** Send your mundane name to ctulloch AT uchicago DOT edu (Caitlin) for the member list.

      ** Bring a picture ID with you.

      Check in with the people at the front desk, and tell them you are with the dance group. We are keeping the list of names for the whole semester, so you can come to any practice. Send us your name even if you just think you might come (you are not obligated to come, but it's FUN!!). One of our student hosts should be at the front desk to direct you to the proper room, or call Caitlin.

      Other details:

      You do not need to bring a partner to dance...
      Everyone from the Chicago region (and beyond) is invited...
      You may dress in street clothes or in garb...
      Beginners and Experts, as well as anyone in between, are needed and welcomed...

      Dance Events:

      April 29, 2006 - There are two dance events

      Saltatoris Dance Guild Regional Dance Practice, Dimondale, MI 48821
      An all day regional practice. A less formal venue sponsored by a well known dance guild. FREE (donations appreciated)

      Northshield Dance Seminar XX, St. Paul, MN
      Another of the long-running dance events, with workshops all day, and a wonderful ball in the evening. Well worth the drive.

      For questions or last minute updates:
      Teleri (Sharon): 847 - 797 - 5717 (home) 847 - 235 - 5758 (work)
      allegrezza AT safe-mail DOT net.

      Dunstan (Robert): 773 – 725 – 2798
      RHicks AT Bear DOT com

      Yours in Service,
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