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Re: [Village Green] Final call - All heavy fighters (one more time, easier to read)

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  • Mike (Sir Kilian)
    Wow, that display is REALLY crappy, he it is again in text format, CSV delimited, but at least, a bit easier to read, again names at the beginning have an X
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2008
      Wow, that display is REALLY crappy, he it is again in text format, CSV delimited, but at least, a bit easier to read, again names at the beginning have an "X" and are safe.  I think starting with "?(Brian Cox)" and after that do not have an "X"  I inserted a space to make it easier to see.


      Below is the list, I resorted it. Those at the top have an X in the
      "Active - remove from this list" column, and are OK. The KEM will not
      delete you. Those listed afterwards will be removed from the list for
      being an inactive fighter. This is only a fighter roster, not your
      membership. At the worst, said person would only have to re-authorize
      to get right back onto the roster.

      If you are on this list, AND do not have an X on the line with your
      name, AND you fought within the last three years, AND you want to stay
      on the active roster for the middle kingdom, THEN you need to contact me
      ASAP so I can update this list before I send it to the KEM tomorrow.

      If there are any special notes, I added that too.

      Sir Kilian Fendrich

      ,,,Active -  remove from this list,Correct group affilation,Special Notes

      ?(Bronson McLeod),Swordcliffe,Midlands,X,,
      ?(Dorothy Ahlf),,Midlands,X,,
      ?(Emmett Miller Jr),Ravenslake,Midlands,X,Foxvale,Youth Fighter - remove from heavy list
      ?(Eric Spieglan),,Midlands,X,Rokkehealden,Youth Fighter - remove from heavy list
      ?(Jeffrey Bryce),,Midlands,X,Shattered Crystal,Correct name: Armando Famadas
      ?(Savannah Perdue),St. Carol on the Moor,Midlands,X,,Youth Fighter - remove from heavy list
      Albert of Artesia,Lochmorrow,Midlands,X,,
      Ansel Claybourne,Rokkehealden,Midlands,X,Foxvale,
      Bojei Temur Beki,Grey Gargoyles,Midlands,X,,
      Bubba Godgodson,Shattered Crystal,Midlands,X,,
      Caelin of the Isles,Ravenslake,Midlands,X,,
      Caillech inghin Saigart,,Midlands,X,,
      Carrek Dama'n,Shattered Crystal,Midlands,X,,
      Catriona MacDohonnachgidh,,Midlands,X,,
      Charles Cedric Morton,,Midlands,X,Illiton,
      Cunradus Dictus Howenschilt,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands,X,,
      Donnchadh Mac Cainneach,Illiton,Midlands,X,,
      Drogo Le Perdant ne,Dark River,Midlands,X,,
      Elias,,Midlands,X,Vanished Woods,
      Eogham O'Siodhachain,,Midlands,X,Tree-Girt-Sea,
      Ethelwulf Kildare of Outland,Vanished Wood,Midlands,X,,
      Evzenie Apolena Vitkovik,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands,X,,
      Gavin White of Westburgh,,Midlands,X,Vanished Woods,
      Hal Raeburn,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands,X,,
      Henry Warnok,Grey Gargoyles,Midlands,X,,
      Ian Mac Eyes,,Midlands,X,,Correct name: Ian MacEyer
      Isobel McCaffrey,,Midlands,X,Blackhawk,
      Ivan von Brandenberg,Blackhawk,Midlands,X,,
      John Redboar,Loch Morrow,Midlands,X,,
      Joseph Gruber,Rokkenhealden,Midlands,X,,
      Karl von Brandenburg,Rokkehealden,Midlands,X,Foxvale,
      Katherine de Nevell,,Midlands,X,Blackhawk,Youth Fighter - remove from heavy list
      Kay,,Midlands,X,Ravenslake,Youth Fighter - remove from heavy list
      Kendrick the Tinker,,Midlands,X,,
      Kuji Ka Oni Musashi,Rokkehealden,Midlands,X,Foxvale,
      Lars the Lean,,Midlands,X,,
      Leopold von Brandenberg,Blackhawk,Midlands,X,,
      Morgan Wainwright,,Midlands,X,Lochmarrow,
      Murcadh Dal Cais,,Midlands,X,,
      Richard de Scolay,,Midlands,X,Foxvale,
      Seamus O'Murchadha,Vanished Wood,Midlands,X,,
      Shamus MacBain,,Midlands,X,,
      Talib of Three Girt Sea,Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands,X,,
      Taren (of Lochmorrow),Lochmorrow,Midlands,X,,
      "Theornderic, once called Royan Thraugwolf",Grey Gargoyles,Midlands,X,,
      Thorfinn von Brandenburg,Blackhawk,Midlands,X,Blackhawk,
      William Le Pied,,Midlands,X,Blackhawk,
      William M'Kreaner,Blackhawk,Midlands,X

      ?(Brian Cox),Illiton,Midlands,
      ?(Damon Hootan),,Midlands,
      ?(Eric Oliver),Baile na Scolairi,Midlands,
      ?(Jason Oswald),,Midlands,
      ?(Lee Michael),Inactive/Dark River,Midlands,
      ?(Mark McHugh),Inactive/Loch Morrow,Midlands,
      ?(Matthew Berger),Illiton,Midlands,
      ?(Michael Hamill),,Midlands,
      ?(Michael Olson),,Midlands,
      ?(Ryan Michael Elder),,Midlands,
      Abelard die Elster,Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands,
      Aethlyred Edwiynsson,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands,
      Agravaine Deville,Inactive/Vanished Wood,Midlands,
      Aidan MacAlpin,Inactive/Dark River,Midlands,
      Albrecht der Helmsmid,Inactive/Blackhawk,Midlands,
      Albrecht von Oldenburg,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Alder de Loup,Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Alured Husher,,Midlands
      Andre du Valliet,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Angus Campbell,Inactive/Loch Morrow,Midlands
      Angus GlenFinnen,Illiton,Midlands
      Anne of Devil's Wood,Inactive/Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Annora le Blanc,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Artis ingean Alexandar,,Midlands
      Asgir Estridsson,Dark River,Midlands
      Aurion Martin,Illiton,Midlands
      Baldric Leon de Grance,Illiton,Midlands
      Bear Zerkersson,Inactive/River Keep,Midlands
      Benedick Barber of Banbury,Inactive/Loch Morrow,Midlands
      Bjorn Knutson,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands
      Bjorn Strongarm,Illiton,Midlands
      Bran Ulum,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands
      Breddelwyn ap Taliesin,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Brendan MacDonnchadh,Inactive/Swordcliffe,Midlands
      Brian MacBain,,Midlands
      Brigid Murchadha,,Midlands
      Cade Devenon,Inactive/Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Caenell verch Ailwyn,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Caitlin Treepotter,Inactive/Baile na Scolari,Midlands
      Carrek McCucarraigh,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Catan Rowe McConauthey,,Midlands
      Catelin Brock MacLeod aka the Battle Badger,Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Cedric the Traveller,,Midlands
      Celadon Athanassioas,Dark River,Midlands
      Ceolwyn the Green,,Midlands
      CG,Inactive/Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Charles Axon,Lochmorrow,Midlands
      Chatsworth of the Dark Road,Inactive/Illiton,Midlands
      Christian Quick,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Christopher (of Midlands),,Midlands
      Colin Campbell,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Colyn MacWilliam,River Keep,Midlands
      Corum fitzLyon,River Keep,Midlands
      Cristen Fynlo,,Midlands
      Dafydd Hawkspur,Inactive/Blackhawk,Midlands
      Dain Greymouse,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Derick of Swordcliff,Swordcliff,Midlands
      Derlen Duier Caradoh,Loch Morrow,Midlands
      Drago ater d'Aquila,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Drew Martin,Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Eamon O'Kelly,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Edwin of Dark River,Dark River,Midlands
      Elazar of Blackwood,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Elrick (of Blackhawk),Inactive/Blackhawk,Midlands
      Erle Mannus Latrange,,Midlands
      eva an Einish,,Midlands
      Fagan the Pure,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Felix de Ath,Inactive/Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Fergus Kincaid,,Midlands
      Friedrick Wulf,Tree-girt-sea,Midlands
      Garnish of Marion,Inactive/Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Gelric of Dark River,,Midlands
      Gocauo Ramiric,Vanished Wood,Midlands
      Godfrey Greybear,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Grace O'Kelly,,Midlands
      Guionne Gatoire,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Gunter Grayhawk,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Gunther Todmacher,,Midlands
      Gustavus,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Gwydion McCloud,River Keep,Midlands
      Hals Styrkarson,Baile Na Scolairi,Midlands
      Hamish Ruadh,,Midlands
      Heinrich von Falkenburg,Swordcliffe,Midlands
      Helmut von Rheineck,,Midlands
      Hieronymus von Trier,Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Hildegard (of Rokkehealden),Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Hilderich der Biterolf,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Hugh de Kilravick,Vanished Woods,Midlands
      Hyrim de Guillon,,Midlands
      Ian Goodhands,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands
      Ian of Lanarkshire,Inactive/Swordcliffe,Midlands
      James Brewer,Dark River,Midlands
      James Green,,Midlands
      Javier de los Santos,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Jenna de Kenzie,Swordcliff,Midlands
      John Quartermain,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Jurgen von Pilgerfurt,Inactive/Illiton,Midlands
      Kataba,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Katsu Naga,,Midlands
      Kealan McGow,Loch Morrow,Midlands
      Klaus Hartel,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Konrad Josef Urbanowicz,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands
      Llywelyn ap Gwyn,,Midlands
      Lothar Schwarzfalkner,Illiton,Midlands
      Lothar von Brandenburg,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Lothar Wulfeson,,Midlands
      Lukas de Leon,,Midlands
      Lusius Lowthayne,Inactive/Baile na Scolari,Midlands
      Machonna,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Madawc the Hawk,Illiton,Midlands
      Madawg ap Cynawg,Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Madog of Glastonbury,Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Madyn Hir ap Wilim,,Midlands
      Maeglyn MacIslwyn,Inactive/Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Maeve ni Claugh,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Magnos Gutharmson,,Midlands
      Magnus de Urchard,Inactive/Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Magnus McKinley,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Magnus Vargesson,,Midlands
      Magnus Wolfsong,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Maim Davidovich Krasny,,Midlands
      Maitiu Leviticus,,Midlands
      Maliki von Brandenburg,Inactive/Blackhawk,Midlands
      Melisende de Westemere,,Midlands
      Michael of Ravenslake,Ravenslake,Midlands
      Mieszko Stanislaus z Czestochowa,Baile na Scolari,Midlands
      Mikjal Annarbjorn,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Mirtag Rui of Illiton,Inactive/Illiton,Midlands
      Morgan Kyrynian,Dark River,Midlands
      Morgana de Louve,,Midlands
      Nadirah-bint-Sayf al-Hashid,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Nicholas Forrester,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Nicholas Kransny,,Midlands
      Nicole de Lancre,Ravenslake,Midlands
      Nigellus Mikelfot,,Midlands
      Odd Igulson,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Olav Grimboldson,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Ollec Piper de Moirenbh,,Midlands
      Omar al Rosh,Inactive/Vanished Wood,Midlands
      Ortlieb von Rosentiel,,Midlands
      Osmod Hilram,River Keep,Midlands
      Ottokar von Schwartzwald,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Owain MacCabe,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Pavyel Ivanov Michovich,Swordcliff,Midlands
      Pheliset la Rossa,,Midlands
      Philippe Raynsford,,Midlands
      Radulf Turner,Vanished Woods,Midlands
      Ragnar Kon,,Midlands
      Ranulf fitz Warren,Dark River,Midlands
      Rea of Cerridwen,Gray Gargoyles,Midlands
      Reymund of Salisbury,Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Richard L'ingle,Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Richard l'Inglis,,Midlands
      Richard Panshawe,,Midlands
      Rimtautus Zilvinaitus,Lochmorrow,Midlands
      Robert Fitz Galen,,Midlands
      Robert Fitzhugh of Bannockburn,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Robyn Aelfwyn,Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Robyn Forrester,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Roland d'Argenten,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Roland Wortman,Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Romulas Caine,Far Reaches,Midlands
      Rory Mac Feidimidh,Raile na Scolari,Midlands
      Rowen MacWilliam once called Cadagen Killkenny,Lochmorrow,Midlands
      Ruthardis Hruga,Shatterd Crystal,Midlands
      Sawyer Ross Gosnell,Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Scott McCoy,Blackhawk,Midlands
      Seanin Craith,Inactive/Far Reaches,Midlands
      Sebina (of Blackhawk),Blackhawk,Midlands
      Shawn O'Poole,Inactive/Out of Kingdom,Midlands
      Sigurd Haraldsson,,Midlands
      Sivrid Brumbach,Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Skarp Hedin Leifsson,Dark River,Midlands
      Soren der Weiss,Vanished Wood,Midlands
      Stephen the Brown,Grey Gargoyles,Midlands
      Tahlah ibn Abu al-Khattab,Illiton,Midlands
      Thaddius MacTir,Inactive/Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Thomas MacRoe,Inactive/Baile na Scolari,Midlands
      Thorin of Glendalough,Carraig Ban,Midlands
      Thorun Geiri,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Throin Ivar,Inactive/Illiton,Midlands
      Tofa Sigurdrsdattr,Inactive/Dark River,Midlands
      Turlough Strongbow MacCormac,,Midlands
      Tzui ben Auraham,Loch Morrow,Midlands
      Udo of the Icy Waters,Vanished Wood,Midlands
      Valeria Angeli,Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Valerian Sharpe Boncoure,Inactive/Tree-Girt-Sea,Midlands
      Varian the Grey,Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Verena of the White Panther,Inactive/Wurm Wald,Midlands
      Vybjorn von Brandenburg,St Carol on the Moor,Midlands
      Wilhelm Friess,Inactive/Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      William Jameson,Inactive/Shattered Crystal,Midlands
      Wolf von Landau,,Midlands
      Wolferam von Gorlitz,Baile na Scholari,Midlands
      Wulfgar der Krieger,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Wulfgar von Rheinfelder,Inactive/Dark River,Midlands
      Wulfhere von den Nordwulf,Inactive/Non Affiliated,Midlands
      Yamata Sensehii,Rokkehealden,Midlands
      Yohoathan Effron,,Midlands
      Yoshitomo Toshio no Minomoto,Ravenslake,Midlands
      Yse Sigourmais de Ardseodnish,Swordcliff,Midlands
      Zody Rolfson,,Midlands
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