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e-flyer St. Nick's Tourney, November 29þ

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  • Craig
    The Barony of White Waters Presents
 The Saint Nicholas Toys for Tots Tourney
 Nov 29, 2008
 New Prairie Middle20School,
 5331 N. Cougar Road, New
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      The Barony of White Waters Presents

      The Saint Nicholas Toys for Tots Tourney

      Nov 29, 2008

      New Prairie Middle20School,
 5331 N. Cougar Road, New Carlisle, IN
      Site opens: Merchants enter at 8:30 a.m.
      Populace 9 a.m. (all times are Central Time) Site Closes: 9 p.m.
      This time is firm

      Site Fees: $5 and a NEW TOY(worth at least $5)in original packaging.
      There is a $3 non-member surcharge. No toy required for kids under
      We ask that each toy donated be worth $5 each.
      Cash donations for Toys for Tots also accepted.
      Feast Fees:$12 (limited to 45) Make all checks payable to: SCA, Inc.
      Barony of White Waters

      Merchants: Merchants are welcome for a fee of another NEW TOY (worth
      at least $5) Please register at least 5 day before the event. Tables
      will NOT be provided.

      Activities: There will be the Tourneys for the Magnificent White
      Waters Toys for Tots Returning prizes. These prizes are award for the
      lesser of one year/next tourney and and must be returned to the
      barony for next tourney.
      Marvelous swords for the heavy and rapier fighters, and a beautiful
      silver arrowhead pendant for the archers. The tourney entry=2 0fee:
      You guessed it! A new toy!

      Children are welcome and encouraged to come to his event. Please Note
      parents and guardians you responsible for any children you bring,
      please see that they behave properly.

      Armored Combat: List Opens at 9:30am; Authorizations and Warm-ups
      10:00; Lunch Break 11:30 to 12:00ish during which Helm Show and
      Display; Here Comes Santa, Pas Tourney from End of Lunch to 30
      minutes before Court. Youth Combat: Pending on Attendance; Will be
      sharing use of the Combat Field with the adults.

      Archery: Outdoor Range is planned, weather permitting otherwise
      Alternate arrangement will be used. 10:00am MIT report to the Range
      for Set-up; 10:30 Equipment inspection and Line opens, Range will not
      close during Lunch, 2:00 Range closes, however individuals may
      continue to shoot if a Marshal is present.

      Rapier: Authorizations/Inspections starting at 10. St. Nick's
      Traveling Rapier Tourney starting at 11-11:30. This will be a Round
      Robin unless the numbers are too unwieldy, then it will switch to a
      Double Elimination. After the St. Nick's tourney is over, there are
      many other tourney's planned as time allows.

      Other Activities: Youth Combat and Archery and A&S Displays and a
      Mini-Me! Contest. For details contact the Event Steward or Gate

      Event Steward: Damian Nihthauk (Rey Barreto) (574) 654-7008 e-mail:
      HelloIsabel@... or Rbarreto@...

      Merchant Steward: Lady Zafirah of White Waters (Sarah Neverly) (574)
      e-mail: sarah_neverly@... You must register at least 5 days
      before the event.

      Feast Steward: Lord Jaric de I'Ile Longe Sault (Mike Miller) (574)
      807-1594 (No calls before 4pm) e-mail: miller_250@... Dietary
      restrictions MUST be communicated by November 7.

      Gatekeeper: Mistress Isabel Moundoghter (Paula Barreto) (574) 654-
      7008 e-mail: HelloIsabel@... All feast reservations must be sent
      to GATEKEEPER, Paula Barreto, 54867 Timothy Rd. New Carlisle, IN.
      46552 and postmarked no later than Nov. 15.
      The only reservation is a paid reservation.

      Directions: From the EAST:
      Take your best route to US 20 and the US31 St. Joseph Valley Parkway,
      go west on US 20 through New Carlisle,
      continue 2 miles to Cougar Road (flashing yellow light).
      Turn Left (south) go ½ mile to driveway, follow signs.

      Directions: From the WEST:
      Best route to intersection of US 20 and State Road 2.
      Proceed East on US20 about 1.5 miles to Cougar Road (flashing yellow
      Turn Right (south) go ½ mile to driveway, follow signs.
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