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Costume request from Hillary's school district

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  • jeffnaggie@aol.com
    Hello everyone, East High s theatre dept. is producing.. Once Upon a Matress for the fall musical this year.? Production dates are scheduled for November
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2008
      Hello everyone,

      East High's theatre dept. is producing.."Once Upon a Matress" for the fall musical this year.  Production dates are scheduled for November 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

      We are desperately seeking garb, especially Italian Ren and Elizabethan.  As the play takes place in the High Court of a Royal family the more elaborate the better.

      Last year I loaned out chatelaine and personal garb that was not currently being used for their production of Robin Hood.  The students took very good care or all items and they came back in good condition.  Since most of the garb I own iand is in the gold key is early period, that won't work for this production.

      The director Mr. Ross Wheeler would be more than willing to make a donation to the Barony of Ayreton if we were able to loan out garb that can be used.  The dept. can't afford to rent costumes that run $60 - $100 per costume per show, but they could wrangle an overall amount to donate to the barony as a whole.

      If anyone has garb that they would be willing to loan out for the production I would greatly appreciate a contact off list.  I do ask that you let me know as you are able since we will have to figure something out for the costumes that we can't come up with.

      If you could give me a general idea of what we may borrow and what aprox. size the costume/s is/are.  That would be of tremendous help. 

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Hillary of Langeforde
      mka Aggie (for Ross)
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