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Re: "A Roman Masque in 16th C. Italy" Pre-event Classes

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  • Eleanor (Robin)
    What are the dates for 12th Night? Eleanor ... Celebration ... us ... could ... feeling
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 24, 2008
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      What are the dates for 12th Night?


      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "Craig" <philipwhite@...> wrote:
      > Greeting All!
      > Tree-Girt Sea is looking for some help for our 12th Night
      > this coming January.
      > We are excited about our theme: "A Roman Masque in 16th C. Italy".
      > Already we have plans for decoration, dances, and a feast to help
      > set the tone – but we'd like to see more before the event too!
      > I think we might have some talent in the Incipient Barony that
      > help us prepare. Would anyone like to volunteer to teach a class
      > about Masques? Or about 16th C. Italy?
      > The Ayreton Arts Academy is soon and so is All Souls – both great
      > places to teach.
      > Maybe you could offer a class on "How to make a period mask" so
      > people can have one ready for the ball.
      > Maybe you can teach "16th C. Italian clothing" so that we have time
      > to start making some new garb.
      > Or, maybe you can talk about "What is a masque?"
      > That's not all – you could teach about Roman customs or clothing,
      > Italian music or dancing, Roman and Italian foods… Anything and
      > everything will be welcomed. We just want to help encourage a
      > at the event so that when our guests come to celebrate they have a
      > little bit more to enjoy.
      > Your Servant to Command
      > ~Philip White
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