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    From Foxvale to our neighbors, family and friends. Thank you. A hundred thousand thank you s. Fiona and I couldn t begin to thank everyone we need to. From
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      From Foxvale to our neighbors, family and friends.
      Thank you.  A hundred thousand thank you's.   Fiona and I couldn't begin to thank everyone we need to.
      From the loaning of equipment, especially the last minute roaster search, to the volunteering that you all did throughout the day; being merchants, teaching classes, doing dishes, moving chairs, running list fields, helping in the kitchen, to playing chatelaine to the donations to JDRF. 
      Our hope is that in the midst of all of your efforts you were able to enjoy yourselves.  I would like to quote myself from my thank you email to Foxvale:
      "Our event was as good as it was because Ayreton came together in support.  Yet again.  Ayreton came out not just in support of our event but to support us by working our event.
      We are only as good as  those who support us.  Which means we must be amazing!" 
      Thank you for letting us grow-up amongst all the shires.  We couldn't do it without your willingness to play with us and work alongside us.
      The spirit in which we work together goes beyond barony...it is a true community.  We are honored.
      Thank you.

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