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  • Metylda
    I beg the indulgence of Ayreton for this e-mail. While most people thanked are from Ravenslake, there are those that helped out at our recent event from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008
      I beg the indulgence of Ayreton for this e-mail. While most people thanked are from Ravenslake, there are those that helped out at our recent event from Ayreton and I wish to thank them as well.


      And to give finality to MKAOD XI, please forgive the use of this e-mail to give appreciation to the many, many people who helped make this event work. As I am at present still sleep deprived and shower deprived (soon to be remedied, I assure you), I hope I do not miss anyone. If I do, I beg your forgiveness.

      In a particular chaotic order…

      To start, I would like to thank my Co-Crat for not disowning me (more importantly, not cutting me out of future cookies), for helping me learn the dos and don’ts of autocrating an event and for correcting any mistakes I made. Many thanks for coming up with games and encouraging new activities at our events. Cows were herded, cabers were tossed, and fun was had (as was the ice cream). Put your feet up, Maggie, you’ve deserved it. Thank you for making my first official (Co) Autocrat Experience a good one.

      Many thanks go next Cecil for arranging the teachers and classes for the Academy of Defence. As a rapier event, we would have been much less of an event if you had not done that. For the many hours spent contacting people and arranging the classes, I give you many thanks, as well thanking all the teachers for donating their time and energy. It is because of you that this event is one of the premier rapier teaching events.

      To the Marie, Feast – o – Crat extraordinaire, and the crew of Cookettes, and the Fabulous Feastitudes (the servers) I give a hardy cheer. Feast was excellent, the service top notch, and the entertainment was fantastic. Thank you to all who helped to bring that about. Also, thanks to Marie for the blankets and the paper. They were much appreciated.

      For agreeing to be a headcounter, many thanks to Arrienne for sitting troll and keeping track of all those that came through, and many thanks to all that helped her. We had approximately 150 people come through, and a wonderful crew met them.

      To Kenwrec and the Pas Posse, it looked like a good time was had by all. Thank you for taking the time to arrange that, set it up, take it down, and for the displays of prowess that were shown.

      To Caitlin, Kevin, and Adrian, for babysitting the photographer (Caitlin) and for putting on armor (not Caitlin) and fighting so the gentle could get some good material. Many, many thanks. Also, to all those gentles that talked to, and babysat, the reporter you have my appreciation. The article and photograph showed us in a very good light and is the sort of press we like. Thank you for the laughs and letting me pick your brain, Kevin. And Adrian, I look forward to that mead you promised. (Well, a girl can dream, right?)

      The Bardic Coordinator, Hilla, and all those that wandered, competed, or took part in the bardic circle, thank you. The bardic arts always add another layer to any event and are greatly appreciated. Thank you Hilla for all that you did.

      Many, many, many (and not just to kiss butts) thanks go to Gailen Alric Ros and Caitriona Macdhonnachaidh. Thank you for allowing us to add Archery and Thrown Weapons to our event. Much fun was had at the archery range, and better luck herding cows next time. Thank you for setting up and taking down the range, it was wonderful to have you. Also, thank you Caitriona for donating your time in even more ways by teaching. Mmmmm Ginger pear jam…. Blood Orange Marmalade … blackberry jam… Thank you for the treats!

      For putting together an AnS display/competition , as well as helping me by teacher begging (a time honored tradition) and adding to the AnS classes, thank you Phaedra, dear. Thank you also for showing off your prowess with the Electrolux Dust Buster during clean up. Thank you for being there when I needed it most.

      Many thanks for those that volunteered to teach AnS classes at the event, ensuring that those that didn’t fight could also enjoy the event. Your willingness to donate your time at the event, as well as energy to teach, is much appreciated.

      Many thanks to Ian the Green for his Combat Calligraphy. Thank you for being so willing to help out in a pinch, Ian. You were a lifesaver.

      For willing to be a warm body and to do anything that needed to be done, thank you Kyrstyn. It was much appreciated and deserving of more caramel corn. Thank you also for being there to play Zen: The Board Game (Travel Edition) with me when I needed to de-stress for a moment. By the way, your turn.

      For the use of his voice, as well as filling the water jug when it needed it, thank you Alexander. I also thank you for offering to step in and handle autocrat if I needed to go and sleep. Thank you also for the newspaper, and offer of a book. Thank you, also, for your advice.

      And for feeding us on Sunday, thank you Callie. Thank you for letting staff members grab a bite to eat earlier than the general populous. Lunch was well prepared and very reasonably priced, which means pre-planning and hard work. Thank you. And thank you for cleaning the kitchens before you left. They looked excellent.

      To the battalion of black board cleaners, thank you for helping out. To the gentle that helped out with the sweeping of the gym and chair retrival, many thanks. If I got your name, I have since forgotten.

      Thank you to all the newcomers to the shire that jumped right into help. All your help was much appreciated.

      Thanks next to Acelina for running youth boffer. Thanks for wearing them out! We are always thrilled to be able to offer boffer, and your volunteering makes it possible.

      Thanks for Hilla and Kveldulf for crashing with me at the site to make sure nothing happened. I’m a big girl, but I know people worry.

      Finally, thank you to my husband Kveldulf for putting up with me, helping out where needed, putting up with me, driving to the event and back, going home to get pillows and blankets (and a shower!), and for putting up with me. Also, for helping set up, take down, fetch this, find that, refill this and make sure I remembered the little schtuff. Oh, and for reminding me to eat, drink, and apply sunscreen. I got a good one. :D

      There are probably many other things that people did that I did not see. If you helped out in any way, large or small, I thank you. Your contributions helped to make this event possible.

      And now, I accept the honor of taking a long, hot bath and getting rid of the grime.

      There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast. But there is one for an autocrat who just finished an event...


      Me þæt wyrd gewæf
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