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Re: Waterbearers....pay heed

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  • David Roland
    I believe the actual certification is called Food Safe , but I could be wrong about the title. In fact there are several scadians in the area who are food
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 21, 2008
      I believe the actual certification is called "Food Safe", but I could
      be wrong about the title. In fact there are several scadians in the
      area who are "food safe" qualified and it has come in handy. Some
      sites in the area have required a food safe person to be on site
      during the cooking and preparing of food. If we didn't have one the
      site would have provided one to us at additional cost.

      However, the waterbearing issue isn't saying that there can be no
      water bearing done at events. I believe the proposal (which is all it
      is for now but I am guessing it will pass), specifically states that
      water bearing isn't being banned simple that SCA, Inc will no longer
      be sponsoring it in any way.

      I have seen a lot of waterbearing done at the several local events
      that take place. Most of which, to my knowledge, is done outside the
      auspices of any official SCA water bearing warrant(s). I'm fully
      willing to admit that I could be wrong on that point but as there have
      been very few events that I have seen any water bearing symbols on the
      people doing water bearing I feel that is likely a safe conclusion.

      We're helpful and nice folks, I really don't see this having a huge
      impact locally though at larger inter-kingdom events, I am certain it
      will get interesting. I for one am sad to see this measure taken but
      also understand at least some of the reasoning behind it and support
      that reasoning.

      Just my thoughts,

      Ian the Green

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "Ehrenfried Schertenleib"
      <sgt_ehrenfried@...> wrote:
      > In that case lunches and feasts should be done by licensed caterers.
      > Ehrenfried
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      > > The problem deals with food/beverage distribution itself and the
      > modern regulations surrounding that practice, not the reason for the
      > food/beverage distribution.
      > >
      > > Ghita
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