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Re: [Ayreton] Ayreton Heavy fighting

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    Acelina, Sounds great. Lets talk about dates, prices and such so we can start lining up teachers. Henry ... From: Dayle Harding
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2008
      Sounds great.  Lets talk about dates, prices and such so we can start lining up teachers.
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      I have an excellent site in mind for a Fighter's School, and would be happy to help co-ordinate it.  The site I have in mind is near several restaurants, including a Golden Corral within like 4 blocks (can you say unlimited STEAK???)


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           We had a great turnout for practice yesterday (thanks to Sir William of Fairhaven for showing up to teach).   The final count was about 20 heavy fighters sweating in Pennsic like humidity.  I would like to give a big thank you to all the people that showed up yesterday.  Well done.

          There is no practice this coming Sunday, June 15th.  We don't have the site and we should be up in Wisconsin supporting Ravenslake (and the Kingdom) against Northshield.  :)

           We could use some help and/or feedback on a few things.   If there is anything on this SHORT list that you can help with or have an idea on, please feel free to contact me.

      Surcoats for Pennsic - the Midlands wear red with a gold dragon in annulo.   Looks like we will need about a dozen to outfit the Ayreton group. 

      Banner - How does using the Midlands symbol with maybe the devices of he five Ayreton groups surrounding it, sound?  Is this going to be hard to do? 

      Pennsic Procession - For the field battle, it would be nice if all of Ayreton (not just the fighters) could meet in one place and march to the battlefield together.  I will hype this more next month.

      Ayreton Fighting Acadamey - need to see about finding a site for this fall to host an all day fighting school.   The idea being to have some of the chivalry teach specific classes throughout the day.  No need for a feast but a site close to restaurants would make it very appealing to those traveling in from parts far away.  Lunch would be a good thing to do though.


      Henry of Exeter,

      Ayreton Heavy Marshal

      Scribesquire (at) Comcast (dot) net

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