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Calling all teachers/helpers for RUM

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  • Dean of Youth for RUM
    Heart felt greetings from Lady Akiko Catherine O Brien, Dean of Youth Arts and Education for The Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM). I hope everyone is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2006

      Heart felt greetings from Lady Akiko Catherine O'Brien,  Dean of Youth Arts and Education for The Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM).


      I hope everyone is well and rested from the summer activities. .


      This RUM will be  Dec. 2, 2006.  It will be held in Decatur , IL .  RUM even has a theme.  The theme will be Holidays In History and Twelfth Night Presents.  


      This will also be my last RUM as Dean of Youth.  Thank you to all my teachers and volunteers for making these past two years a very memorable experience. I will miss doing this job but on the plus side I got to meet some really fantastic and wonderful teachers. J 

      And with that for the last time,  I’m sending out a request for youth teachers and volunteers to teach at this Dec. 2 RUM.


      Requirements: No experience, But welcome.  No pay, Well depends on how you define payments. ;-)  The children are the future of the SCA and it will continue to be  my goal to provide meaningful,  yet fun classes.


      Please volunteer!


      NON-teaching positions (These are very brief descriptions) if you want to know more, please email me directly:


      Form persons:  This person will make sure that name tags and other related forms are filled out correctly. 

       Also; (if any fees) need to be collected.

      Hall Monitor - Help with making sure the kids go into the correct class room.  Hallway stays clean.

      Name tags-information must be filled out correctly.

      Extra body in rooms:  See Youth requirements.



      Clean up.

      Loading and Unloading of instructor's materials.

      Sign in and sign out persons.


      Teaching positions:

      SCA Name:

      Mundane Name: 

      Snail mail address:



      Title of Class:

      Description of Class:

      Number of students:

      Age restrictions:

      Will you have an assistant with you?


      Other comments.



      Please volunteer.  Don't wait! Do it Now!   I would like to have a list of classes published by the end of October, 2006.  Sooner would be even better. Just because kids seem to always be busy with one thing or another.


      Again;  thank you in advance.


      -Lady Akiko Catherine O'Brien

      Dean for the College of Arts and Education

      Email: pechadwick@...    If you don't hear back from me with 48 hours. 

      I didn't receive your email.  I tend to check my email daily unless it's on the weekend.


      Permission to cross-post to other lists granted.


      These are a few of the ideas I've collected from informally surveying the youth.  Please volunteer.  There's plenty of room for other classes, not mentioned. 


      How to classes-Not in any order.


      • Weapons construction.
      • Making my armor look more period.
      • How do I sign up to do boffer?
      • How do I become a marshal?

      Pages School



      • Storytelling.
      • Performing in front of audience.
      • Singing
      • Playing an instrument, recorder, drum, harp (top three)
      • Dancing
      • Magic Tricks
      • Juggling

      Costuming and Accessories:

      • Make a Simple Tunic.
      • Embroidery
      • Weaving
      • Make a cloak.
      • Make a pair of Draw String Pants
      • Make a bag to hold my stuff.
      • Mask making.
      • Make jewelry, beading.


      • Make a scroll.
      • Write Calligraphy.
      • Painting and drawing.
      • Scroll case cover


      • Period games; construction and playing.


      • Making a box.


      • Making period foods that kids want to make and eat.


      • Pick a name and persona.
      • Heraldry for kids.
      • Greeting others in the SCA.
      • Serving at feasts and events in general.
      • Types of awards in the SCA for kids.  Can kids write awards? If so, how?
      • How to be a Page in the Middle Kingdom.

      If you have read this far.  Thank you and please volunteer. :-)


      In Service,





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