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Re: [Frasers-Oak] Re: Protype bylaws

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  • Andrew Otto
    Ian, Thank you for complimenting my cart, but I must insist that I have hitched my team properly. Uh, the nose of the faces the driver, right? It is not too
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2008
      Thank you for complimenting my cart, but I must insist that I have hitched my team properly. Uh, the nose of the faces the driver, right?
      It is not too soon to craft the law under which our confederation of cantons will operate. It is not the device, or the name or the people that we elect that defines the shape of the barony, it is the rules under which it runs. 
      We are building something new and our individual group traditions and customs really cannot completely guide us here. Tradition and custom will come, but our groups must have a clear understanding of the nature of our relationship. It is this agreement that we make with each other that will endure. It is these rules that will be the very basis of the barony that we will found.
      The Crown already recognizes us as "Proto-Incipient" and has encouraged us to start organizing ourselves as a barony, including electing officers. If we elect officers, under what rules will they operate? Shouldn't we respect these people by giving them a framework for governing well?
      This effort does not muddy the waters. It creates a clear vision of how the barony will actually work. With clarity, it is possible that people with misgivings about the barony will be able to support the effort.
      Let's work on this as a populace and create a working document before the 27th election. It does not have to be perfect, just enough to give the PI-officers something to work from. Call it the Proto-Incipient Governing Document. Have each group select one member that is not a PI-officer to be on the committee to "fine-tune" the document. When we get closer to being a barony, each canton can vote on the final document that the committee produces..
      David Roland <mystborne@...> wrote:
      With respect Angus,

      I think this is getting the cart out in front of the horse. By the
      way its an excellently designed cart.

      You are right this needs to happen and the discussion on this needs
      to happen but I believe the usual thing is to vote in the first
      officers and then come up with the by-laws. It is my thought, that
      putting out by-laws for discussion right now very much muddies the
      waters of the process right now.

      It would be far to easy for someone or several someones, to get the
      idea that everything is now set in stone as to the Proto-Incipient
      Barony of ... "Ayreton" We have yet to hear the results on the
      baronial polling to see if there will be a Barony. We do not yet
      have an official name for the Barony. And as we all know, we don't
      have officers yet of the Barony that isn't official yet and is as
      yet unnamed.

      My thought is that this is well written, does need to be discussed
      but for now, perhaps it should be kept on the coffee table,
      certainly, in my mind, it shouldn't be reshelved. Let us first find
      out IF there will be a Barony and WHO the officers will be and WHAT
      our name will be. Then discuss the by-laws and since these are out,
      perhaps start with them. It is my understanding that there are
      baronies out there that do NOT have charters or by-laws, I
      personally favor having by-laws myself.

      These are just my humble thoughts made with respect for the industry
      and work you have done.

      Ian the Green

      --- In Frasers-Oak@ yahoogroups. com, Andrew Otto <exit104@... > wrote:
      > Greetings to all from Angus Fraser (who, yes, will sign the
      petition for Barony):
      > If we are to be a Barony, we should start working on our by-laws
      so folks can see what they will be living with. I uh, borrowed a
      copy of the by-laws of the Barony of Red Spears, made some
      perfunctory changes so that it applies to us and gives a greater
      voice to the populace, and set it up in rich text. Red Spears is a
      shell barony with a structure similar to the one we envision.
      > This is merely a starting point and I expect lively discussion
      of the form and details of this document. I am not trying to dictate
      policy, rather I am trying to give us a starting point that we can
      work from.
      > If you all wish, we could put this in the files section, delete it
      as the ravings of a mad, drunk Scott, or set up something fancier.
      If you want fancier, I have hosting – both space and bandwidth – and
      could set up something like Wordpress for this.
      > -*Angus*-


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