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  • kevin purtrell
    Greetings, I believe one of the first orders of business for the PIB curia will be to form a bylaws committe. Recently, Tree-Girt-Sea wrote a charter more to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2008
      I believe one of the first orders of business for the PIB curia will be to form a bylaws committe. Recently, Tree-Girt-Sea wrote a charter more to settle what was more "tradition"
      and what was law. This is on our website. Master Robyyan headed that Committee and did an excellent job. He actually listened to everyone's viewpoint and took it into consideration.
      The actual committee was Master Robyyan, Sir Fern, and Sir Killian but everyone was invited to attend and voice their opinons. We might consider something similar, but it is not for me to say.
      THL Kevin Ambrozijwski

      Andrew Otto <exit104@...> wrote:
      Greetings to all from Angus Fraser (who, yes, will sign the petition for Barony):

      If we are to be a Barony, we should start working on our by-laws so folks can see what they will be living with. I uh, borrowed a copy of the by-laws of the Barony of Red Spears, made some perfunctory changes so that it applies to us and gives a greater voice to the populace,  and set it up in rich text. Red Spears is a shell barony with a structure similar to the one we envision.
      This is merely a starting point and I expect lively discussion of the form and details of this document. I am not trying to dictate policy, rather I am trying to give us a starting point that we can work from. 
      If you all wish, we could put this in the files section, delete it as the ravings of a mad, drunk Scott, or set up something fancier. If you want fancier, I have hosting – both space and bandwidth – and could set up something like Wordpress for this.

      At any rate, here it is:
      The Barony of Ayreton – By Laws and charter – First Draft 4/2/2008 (AS  ??)
      I borrowed this from the Barony of Red Spears’ web site. I am now working to get either permission to use this (or forgiveness if I cannot).
      Preamble: We, the people of the Barony of Ayreton, do hereby ordain and establish this Charter and Policies to establish policies, procedures, and laws to better order the affairs of this land of Ayreton.
       CHARTER 1. We declare these lands to be a Barony in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The name of this Barony shall be "Ayreton". Territorially, it shall be defined as the  amalgamation of groups known as Rokkhealden, Tree-Girt-Sea, Grey Gargoyles, Vanished Wood, and Foxvale , hereafter known as the "Founding Groups". We hold in fief from the Crown all the lands from the shires of The Founding Groups. In common parlance, this shall be understood to encompass in the State of Illinois, the counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, and Will with some exclusions . The Arms of the Barony of Ayreton shall be: some tincture, some stuff, some color, some stuff with other stuff on it, overall a laurel wreath vert.
      2. Within the parlance of the Society, we declare our Barony to be a free and equal association of the Founding Groups and any new local groups made within its boundaries.
      3. As this Barony is a branch of the Society, we are mindful of the responsibilities incumbent upon us toward the Society as a whole. As such we freely acknowledge that all the gentles in our Barony are subject to relevant regulations and laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Middle Kingdom; and that in the event of conflict, Society rulings supersede Kingdom. Furthermore, we also acknowledge our responsibilities to civil authority, and declare that civil law shall supersede both Society and Kingdom laws. In case of conflict, the higher authority will take precedence.

      I. Baron/Baroness:
      1. Ayreton's Baron and/or Baroness will serve for a term of three years. The Baron and/or Baroness may step down at anytime without prejudice.
      2. The appointed Baron and/or Baroness must comply with Corpora and Middle Kingdom Law, specifically Article XV in its entirety.
      3. Polling: At least nine months prior to the completion of term of office or immediately following the resignation of either the Baron and/or Baroness, a poll will be requested to be taken by the Kingdom Seneschal (KS) or designated deputy. The Baronial Seneschal will place a notice in the Kingdom newsletter announcing when the poll will take place. Paid members over the age of 12 living in the Barony of Ayreton will receive a poll. Those members living outside the Barony of Ayreton attending a minimum 15 meeting and/or working at events in the Barony of Ayreton shall receive a poll. Polling results will be mailed out to those eligible by the Kingdom Seneschal or designated deputy and will be mailed back to the Kingdom Seneschal or his/her designee who will tabulate and give the results to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown. The Crown makes the final decision and contacts the group.
      4. The Baron and/or Baroness must hold Baronial Court at least three times a year.
      5. Baronial Court shall be presided over by the Baron and/or Baroness with the Baronial Seneschal (or duly appointed deputy) in attendance. All Baronial retainers (i.e. Champions, Pursuivants, Ladies in Waiting) shall stand in attendance. And the Baronial Pursuivant (or duly appointed deputy) shall be responsible for making a report of the Baronial Court, copies of which shall be sent to the Baronial Signet, the Baronial Pursuivant (if a deputy was in use), the Baron and Baroness, and the Baronial Seneschal. Such report shall be printed in the Baronial newsletter at the soonest time practicable, and such report shall be made in a timely manner (never to be more than 30 days).
      6. Any time Baronial Court is to be held at the Great Pennsic War, an attempt will be made to inform all outlying encampments of the Barony on the day (or day before if need be) said Court is to be held, giving all outlying encampments sufficient time to ready themselves and travel to said Court. The duty to inform shall be held by the Baronial Pursuivant (or duly appointed deputy if the Baronial Pursuivant is not present at the Great Pennsic War), but the responsibility lies ultimately with the Baron and/or Baroness holding Court. Impromptu Courts are not subject to this rule. And only those outlying encampments who have informed the Baronial Pursuivant of their location may expect to be so informed.

      II. Officers of the Barony:
      1. All Baronial Officers and deputies shall comply with Corpora and Kingdom Law regarding their office.
      2. Baronial officers will consist of the: Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chronicler, Knights Marsha,l Rapier Marshal, Archery Marshal, Rat Catcher, Youth Combat Marshal, Chirurgeon,  Chatelaine, Web Minister, Signet, Chamberlain, Rat Releaser, Sergeant At Arms, and others as they are designated
      3. Baronial Officers especially curia members, except Baron and Baroness, are strongly encouraged to have a drop dead deputy to take over as necessary and to maintain a quorum at Curia Meetings.
      4. All Baronial Officers and deputies are required to have a stable mailing address and reliable (landline) telephone access. E-mail access is also required.
      5. Baronial Officers are expected to meet with their like group subordinates, if there is one, at least twice per year and to give training as necessary for new group officers.
      6. All local officers will send a copy of their report to their baronial superior. All Baronial Officers and deputies (if required), and group Seneschals will send a courtesy copy of their report to the Baron and/or Baroness and Baronial Seneschal.
      7. All Baronial Officers, deputies and their local subordinates shall be held responsible to uphold all laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. the Middle Kingdom and the Barony.

      III. Officer Changeovers:
      1. Baronial Officers wishing to leave office should have published their intention to resign on the Baronial web page and in the Baronial/local newsletters. They must also report to their Kingdom Superior(s) as required.
      2. All Local Seneschals are required to announce the opening at a minimum of two regularly scheduled meetings after receiving the information.
      3. Individuals wishing to apply for a Baronial office are requested to submit an application letter in writing to the Kingdom, Regional, and Baronial Officer resigning with copies to the Baronial Seneschal and Baron and/or Baroness.
      4. Application Letters must include the following as a minimum:
      a. SCA and Modern name
      b. contact information i.e. address, phone and e-mail
      c. Proof of membership
      d. an outline of previous experience
      e. qualifications and other information pertaining to or requested by the outgoing officer Seneschal, Baron and/or Baroness.
      5. The Baronial officer will acknowledge receipt of the application. If the applicant doesn’t receive acknowledgment that the Baronial Officer is in receipt of their application, they should contact the Baronial Officer and reapply. No application is official until the receipt of it has been acknowledged the outgoing officer or Baronial Seneschal.
      6. Candidates should be listed on the Baronial web page and Baronial/local newsletter to invite commentary from the populace. This commentary may be sent by e-mail or U.S. post, or in person to the Regional/Kingdom superiors.
      7. Upon deciding to step down from office, it is strongly recommended that an officer work with their replacement.
      8. Terms of office for all officers serving in the Barony of Ayreton shall be two years. At the end of two years the office will be opened to all applicants. All required officers terms will be staggered so that all offices would not become vacant at one time.
      9. Removal from office is pursuant to Kingdom Law. Anyone who believes that an officer is not fulfilling the duties of their office may contact that officer’s chain of command.

      IV. CURIA:
      1. The Curia shall be required to meet at least quarterly. Barring emergencies, there shall be at least two (2) weeks notice prior to each meeting.
      2. Members of the Baronial Curia will consist of the Baron/Baroness, Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Knights Marshal, Chronicler, Minister of Arts and Science, Chirurgeon, and Canton (group) Seneschals within the Barony.
      3. Quorum shall be at least 5 members. The Baronial Seneschal (or his duly appointed deputy) must be present for a quorum to be established. Officers other than the Baron/Baroness missing three consecutive Baronial meetings shall be considered as having tendered a resignation without prejudice.
      4. Minutes shall be kept by the Curia Chronicler or their designee. If neither is present, a secretary shall be appointed by the Baronial Seneschal. Minutes will be printed and ready for distribution to Curia members not later than three (3) weeks from the date of the meeting.
      5. The Seneschal shall gather all items for the agenda of the Curia meetings. Any member of the Populace may submit an item for the agenda to the Seneschal. Items shall be submitted at least one week in advance of the meeting date. . If, due to time constraints, an agenda item cannot be addressed, it shall be given priority at the next meeting or a special meeting. The agenda must contain items for public comment, exchequer's report, and seneschal's report.
      6. Curia meetings are open to the Populace. Populace members do not have a voice unless requested to speak by the Curia, sponsored by a member of Curia, except during public comment. Curia will at each meeting set such times as the floor may be open to public comment.
      7. There may be such times as it is only right and prudent to maintain the privacy of individuals mentioned in an action before Curia. At such time Curia reserves the right to meet behind closed doors. If any one member of Curia contests such a decision, said meeting will be tabled until a Regional or Kingdom Seneschal (or an appropriate deputy thereof) may be contacted to decide the propriety of such an action.
      8. Curia may meet on an emergency basis if so needed. Any decisions made at such an emergency meeting of the Curia shall be made known at the following official meeting of the Barony (be it Curia or Public). Abuse of this privilege may be reported to the offending officers’ superiors and any sanctioning of said offending officers will be left up to them entirely.
      9. Voting is the responsibility of the Curia, but traditionally the populace members present at the time are allowed to vote in all but those sensitive issues as may be covered under the closed door policy.
      10. At any time Curia unanimously agrees a decision made by the Barony is not in the Kingdom’s best interest, such decision shall remain tabled until decision from relevant Kingdom Officers is received.

      1. The Supervision of Baronial property shall fall under the realm of the offices of Exchequer and Seneschal. a. Quartermaster of Baronial Property shall be a deputy of the Baronial Exchequer.
      2. Inventory: The Exchequer, Seneschal, and Quartermaster, will keep an inventory of all items purchased, donated, or otherwise acquired and considered Baronial property.
      a. Inventory will be conducted annually by the aforementioned officers, or deputies if applicable, in the fall.
      b. Inventory should list items as consumable and non-consumable and they should be placed on separate lists.
      c. Resulting inventory will be made available to the Populace at the next Baronial meeting and/or published in the Spearpoint. New acquisitions should be added to the inventory lists immediately and not left until the annual update. Inventory may also be made available online.
      d. After the publication of the inventory list it should be reviewed by the Populace.
      e. During the annual inventory any items in need of repair or replacement will be set aside until the matter can be reviewed with the Populace at the next Baronial meeting. Repair or replacement of Baronial Property shall fall under VIII. Baronial Funds.
      3. Storage:
      a. Arrangements for the storage of the Baronial property are the responsibility of the aforementioned officers and/or the appointed deputy. The Officers are not required to store the property personally, but must know where it is and arrange for its availability when needed. The inventory lists should also list the storage location of each item in inventory.
      b. The Officers are not personally liable for the loss or damage to property.
      4. Distribution and use
      a. Requests for use/loan of Baronial property by individuals of the Populace must be made in writing to Baronial Quartermaster within a reasonable length of time.
      b. All items borrowed and returned shall be listed and the inventory form shall be signed by borrower and issuer.

      VI. Events:
      1. Anyone wishing to hold a Baronial-sponsored event is required to submit a completed event bid form to the Baronial Seneschal a minimum of four (4) months prior to the month the event is to be held. a. Proto-incipient and incipient groups must also complete a Sponsoring Organization form before the event will be announced in the Pale.
      2. If a local group is sponsoring a local event, a courtesy copy of the event information should be sent to the Baronial Seneschal.
      3. If the Barony is sponsoring the event, they can be asked for monetary help.
      4. Baronial Championships
      a. Each Baronial Championship shall occur once a year.
      b. Anyone wishing to host a Baronial Championship is required to submit an event bid form for the approval of the Barony. A bid form must be submitted four (4) months before the event is to be held. If no bid is received, the Baronial Seneschal will be responsible for organizing the event.
      c. The methods of selecting a champion shall be determined by the Baron/Baroness.
      d. The type and requirements of competition and methods of selecting the Champions shall be announced at all Canton meetings and in the Baronial/Canton newsletters at least four (4) weeks prior to the Championship.
      e. The event should include Heavy, Fencing, Archery, Equestrian or A&S competitions.
      f. One or more of the individual Championships may be held at other events in the Barony at the discretion of the Baron/Baroness.
      VII. Baronial Funds:
      1. The disbursement of Baronial funds shall require to be put to a vote of the members of the Populace at the next Baronial Business meeting, or by vote of the members at individual Canton meetings.
      a. Curia will submit a proposed budget for their annual expenditures to the populace at the February Baronial Meeting.
      2. The Barony is willing to provide funds to other groups to front events. Any money coming into the event will first go to actual expenditures, and then to pay the money fronted by the Barony of Red Spears; any money after that will be divided as delineated by the event proposal.
      3. The Fund Request form information will include, but not be limited to:
      a. The reason for the money requested.
      b. A budget for the project/event.
      c. A repayment plan.
      d. Proposed split of any profits.
      4. It has long been the custom (but is not required) in our Barony that Cantons holding events donate 10% of any event profits as a goodwill donation. When hosting an event on Canton land, the Barony shall make a 10% goodwill donation of the profits to the appropriate Canton.
      5. To apply for reimbursement for expenditures of personal funds used for Baronial business or event supplies, all receipts must be turned in to the Chancellor of the Exchequer within 30 days of the expenditure or the end of the event. An extension for payment time may be requested in writing to the Baronial Seneschal or Exchequer.
      1. When deemed necessary or requested by a members of the Populace, the Curia shall open the Charter to Revision. Changes shall be made by a vote of 2/3 of the Populace attendant at the next Baronial meeting after the proposed change is published.


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