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Re: [Ayreton] Carnival: Thanks from the Autocrat

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  • jay sabath
    DOH!!I guess I am more fried than I thought. I also forgot to thank Cerian as webmaster. Elaine for designing and carving the mold for the tokens. On Sun, Mar
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 31, 2008
      I guess I am more fried than I thought.

      I also forgot to thank 

      Cerian as webmaster.
      Elaine for designing and carving the mold for the tokens.

      On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Dayle Harding <acelinaofderelei@...> wrote:

      I hate to rain on your parade, but these pics, while cool, are from last years Carnivale...
      Anyone have any from this year?  I know Twm took some..

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      From: jay sabath <LordJohannes@...>
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      Subject: [Ayreton] Carnival: Thanks from the Autocrat

      Greetings unto the populace of the Ayreton area.

      The second Ayreton Carnival happened 8 days ago on March 22nd.

      As Autocrat of said event, I have the joy of only a few small items left to do so the event can be safely placed into our history as a happy event. 

      After looking over the finances with Ghita, the event can be considered a financial success.  Each of the 6 groups should be getting about $100.  There are still a few receipts that need to be accounted for and if you have one, please contact me privately.  

      As anyone who has helped on any event knows, a huge amount of work goes into set up and take down, feast and serving and so many items that I have not listed.

      Thanks have to be given to so many people for helping to put this together.

      If I missed someone, My Bad.  Email me and I will make an addendum.

      Since this was the Ayreton Carnival and I was the Majordomo, I have the following statements to make:

      1. The weather was outside of my control!

      2. I dearly wish to thank the Captains and their Krewes:
      Captain Liam Martini and the Honorable Gentleman of Hearts for allowing us to use their 'home' for the event and taking care of lunch.
      Captain Bojei Temur and chefs and cooks for a feast to be very proud of.
      Captain Hillary for heading up the servers.
      Captain Nadezda for merchant wrangling
      Captain Twm ap Twm for marshal activities 
      Captain Louis Xavier for keeping the troll under tight watch 
      Captain Jale and field Captain Juliana for taking care of the classes and the many teachers
      Captain Julienne for her work in organizing the clean up Krewe who did such a great job
      Captain Kristianna as A&S point
      Captain Gianetta for handling entertainment.

      Thanks to all the members of each of the Krewes
      If you are a captain and have not yet listed your Krewes here, please do so.

      Here are a few things that I noticed and people I wish to thank.
      My wife Fiona Caoindealbhain for putting up with me doing this 
      Master Sean for being a co-autocrat / drop dead deputy
      Master Hal for putting up the direction signs and taking them down.
      Tedesco as a main point of contact to the Honorable Gentlemen.
      Sarafina for putting together the Mor / Austin charity auction.

      The Merchants!  Thank you for coming out.

      The people who came to the event to have fun.  I hope that you did and that another event will be coming next year.  Tell your friends!

      And thank you Etienne.  Good job!

      Here is a site with pictures that I have found

      If you know of more or have pictures, please send links or copies.  I would really appreciate it. 

      In Service,
      Lord Johannes Machiavelli

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      Lord Johannes Machiavelli
      Shire of Rokkehealden
      Kingdom of the Middle
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