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Re: [Ayreton] Google calendar

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  • John Adams
    It looks like a good start, Z. I ve come to think that the nice thing about Google Calendars (versus others) is the ability to have your own calendar, and then
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2008

      It looks like a good start, Z. I've come to think that the nice thing about Google Calendars (versus others) is the ability to have your own calendar, and then have events from other calendars show 'through' to yours without actually having to 'add' those events to yours, in a kind of transparent layering way. This permits you to schedule around or in concert with those other events. It's really kinda neat. And Google has a gadget that let's you 'sync' your Outlook calendar with Google in a variety of ways (2-way, with a full exchange; or 1-way, either you to it, or it to your Outlook). I haven't looked at Yahoo lately, so if they've any type of similar functionality, I'm not aware of it.


      My lady, Sue, and I use Google Calendars both together and separately. We each have a private calendar, feeding our events to each other's, and viewing other calendars (in my case, this Ayreton calendar) through my own. When she adds stuff to hers, I see it, and visa versa. However, the things I view 'through' mine (like the Ayreton calendar) aren't visible to her (she'd have to choose to view it for herself). And when I want to see the calendar without other stuff, its a simple toggle of a button to simplify it down to just my own events (school, work, etc). For example, given the way she and I use it, it would be great if Daffyd could feed the official Midrealm to a public Google calendar.


      Another nice thing about all of that is that the calendar can be snapped into practicaly any HTML-based web page, and would always reflect the current state of the calendar there. I'm sure there's a way to push to a Google calendar (since Outlook already does it with their gadget) from a home page-based calendar, but I'm not qualified enough with the technologies to make it happen. Google calendars can be made public and available to non-Google acocunt holders, as demonstrated with the Ayreton edition of it, so there would be no need to recreate the actual Ayreton website at Google Sites to get to it.


      Just some food for thought. I just wanted to know if the Google calendar was authoritative, or if I should be looking elsewhere for current Ayreton event scheduling (in calendar format). Thanks to all for the replies.


      -- Grimkirk

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      The google calendar looks like an experiment. At first I thought it
      might have been my own. I'd been looking for a simple easy to maintain
      calendar that anyone could see without a logon, unlike the currently
      maintained yahoo one [ http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Ayreton/ cal ]
      which you must have at least a yahoo id (though not necessarily one
      subscribed to this list) to see.
      My experiments were specifically relating to the TGS web-site, however,
      though I'd also wanted to pull in ayreton activities as well as kingdom
      Alas, time has caused me to drop that persuit, and none of the other
      people I've asked are able to lend a hand currently.

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