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Re: Question from the Town Meeting

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  • Marie Schorn
    Hi Everybody, I don t normally join in these emails but I just wanted to say something that I haven t seen said yet (at least in my sporadic list reading). I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2008
      Hi Everybody,
      I don't normally join in these emails but I just wanted to say something that I haven't seen said yet (at least in my sporadic list reading). 
      I think it's important for the process to be transparent and open to everybody.  I think it is essential that it is fair and everybody is considered. 
      I, however, think it is self-defeating to expect perfection in the process of setting up meetings and informing people.  I think we need to shoot for what is good and reasonable instead of what is perfect.  We all have tons of stuff we have to do in our lives.  We get to do our SCA stuff in whatever free time we have left.   That means things may take a little longer to get out and we may not be able to have as much advance planning as we would like every time. We may not be able to inform everyone in every way as often as we would like because we have to do this after we get home from work and put our kids to bed, eat, exercise or whatever.  We may have a little time to send out an email to the list but not to send out letters to those who are not part of the list for the baronial meeting that took place the week the cat hacked up a furball on the presentation to the company vice president.
      Also people are going to want to try doing things.  They may not have any experience so they will learn by doing and make mistakes occasionally.  However if we only let experienced experts take care of things, I think we will lose overall.  The experts will get burned out, the enthusiastic will drift away and the SCA will get a lot more boring (if more perfect) because everything is done by someone who has done it at least 19 times already.  That's what I see the end result being if we insist on perfection. 
      If we, however, try for reasonable, we can have an exciting, fun SCA experience with an enjoyable, efficient baronial transition process, even if a few mistakes are made along the way or a few things are delayed.  How about this, if someone hears of a meeting that is going to be held, and they know of someone who is interested in going but is not on the list or missed the gathering where it was announced, could they maybe give them a phone call?  That way more people would be informed, with fewer people having to take all the responsibility of informing everyone of the baronial process.  I think that would get us a much better end result than trying to figure out a perfect way of informing everybody and trying to get the 5 or 10 people who are trying to disseminate this information to follow a 34 step process to ensure everybody who might possibly be interested (or not) knows when every meeting is 2 months in advance.  (Please forgive the hyperbole, I am a bard so find it difficult not to exaggerate things sometimes to make a point.)
      Any way that's my opinion.  Please forgive me if I caused any offence.
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