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Updates from the Towne Meeting at the Ayreton Carnival

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Good citizens of Ayreton, greetings from the Towne Cryer. I will be posting official minutes from our meeting on Saturday. Please look for those in the next
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2008
      Good citizens of Ayreton, greetings from the Towne Cryer.
      I will be posting official minutes from our meeting on Saturday.  Please look for those in the next several days -- I would like to get the full list of Tourney winners etc to incorporate into the notes.
      In the meantime, a few responses from the flurry of emails over the last two days.
      1. No, there was no announcement over this list about the Towne Meeting.  It is my understanding this was an impromptu event, and as such was not pre-advertised on this list.  In the future, I will endeavor to find out about any such goings on in advance of the events, but if you are wondering if there is going to be a meeting at an event hosted by one of the six Ayreton groups, please assume there will be.  Always feel free to ask myself or the Mayor for clarification about this.
      2. Information about the PIB was disseminated at the Towne meeting, primarily in the form of reading the brief newsletter I put together.  I will be getting this newsletter published on this yahoo group site and the Ayreton site that Sarafina is maintaining shortly.  And I will be updating the list of nominees for PIB offices based on additional nominations I have received.  Until that list is posted (give me a day or two), feel free to ask me for the list to date.  This was an informational meeting only in regards to the PIB.  Furthermore, this same information is being provided to all seneschals of the 5 groups interested in the PIB, to be shared at the local group meetings as well.
      3. In terms of our current status in the baronial process, let me clarify: We are currently completing the polling of the 5 local groups to determine if there is a sufficient percentage of registered members voting "yes" to justify moving forward with the creation of a shell barony.  If this turns out not to be the case, we'll have to reassess, and we will reclarify the workings of the Towne of Ayreton at that point. 
      In addition, the nominations of PIB officers continues, and as you all have seen posted on this list, nominations are accepted through the end of March, and we will be publishing the final list on April 2, and then having our vote at the end of April.
      In terms of all official business (such as the vote), the seneschals of the 5 groups will be consulting with the Transitions officer to ensure that Kingdom policy is followed.
      4. At the Towne Meeting, in addition to the Mayoral thank-yous, and results from the tourneys and regional A&S, as well as the fundraising efforts, Hizzoner showed off the submissions for PIB names and devices.  It was in this conversation that the "we're making this up as we go along" comment was made.  Let me clarify.  While we will certainly put the devices and names to a vote amongst the populace of the 5 groups of the PIB, it makes sense to first do some pursuivant-y validation of these names and devices.  Rather than asking the populace to vote on devices that are not necessarily registerable, we proposed in the meeting that we have heralds of the region "vet out" the proposed devices (and names) for registerability before voting.  In addition, members of the populace asked if additional device submissions would be considered, even though the deadline (Carnival) had passed.  Because we are still awaiting poll results, we seem to have a bit more time, so we decided to be flexible on the submission date.  So if you are still interested in submitting a device or name suggestion, please do so by the end of March.  Although I haven't corroborated this with the Seneschals or the Mayor, I think we could have people vote on devices and names as well as officers at the end of April.  But please keep in mind that is NOT set in stone.  If there are changes to that plan it will be announced on this list and at your local meetings.
      5. Mistress Sarafina has kindly agreed to update the Ayreton website.  As such, all information about PIB matters, and Ayreton matters in general will be posted there, as well as kept on file at the Ayreton yahoo group website.  PIB officer candidates, I apologize for the confusion.  Please continue to send your info to me, and I will forward on to Sarafina to post.  I will send a separate email, after nominations are closed and the full list of candidates is published, to outline the next steps.  In the meantime feel free to send me anything candidate-related you wish to.
      6. Lastly, I want to underline that the Ayreton list, and the Towne of Ayreton, consists of 6 groups in the Greater Chicagoland area that wish to play together.  We are in conversation with the people of Ravenslake as to how to disseminate information to all 6 groups, without unneccesarily burdening the people of Ravenslake with PIB matters.  Watch for additional information about this from the Towne Cryer, and in the meantime let us continue to foster and celebrate our sense of community throughout the Towne of Ayreton.
      Again, look for official minutes and more postings to this list over the next few days.
      Yours in service,
      Mistress Gianetta
      Ayreton Towne Cryer

      This is an e-mail announcement from the Ayreton Towne Cryer. If you wish to have an activity, demo, event or other type of SCA get together announced feel free to contact me and request an announcement be made. After all the more people playing nice together, the more fun it is for everyone! Corrections can also be made but only if you help me find them.

      The Cryer can be contacted at AyretonTowneCryer@...

      If you wish to be taken off of the announcement please send an e-mail to the AyretonTowneCryer@... and put in the body that you are requesting to be removed from the announcement list.

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