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MINUTES: Ayreton Towne Hall Meeting at Stone Dog Inn

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    Unto the populace of the Towne of Ayreton does the Towne Cryer send greetings, and these missives: Be it known that Hizzoner called a Towne Hall meeting at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2008
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      Unto the populace of the Towne of Ayreton does the Towne Cryer send greetings, and these missives:
      Be it known that Hizzoner called a Towne Hall meeting at the Stone Dog Inn event this past weekend.  In attendance were various members of the populace, including representatives from all six groups of Ayreton.  Here are the notes from that meeting.
      Johannes reports that everything is in good shape and moving forward.  He will be putting together a schedule soon. 
      Christiana is coordinating the regional A&S faire.  The B&V will be offsite
      Cerian is the webmaster, so if you have anything that should be posted on the website, please send it to him, and please cc Johannes.
      WE NEED HERALDS to cry the event and the feast!  Please contact Johannes or Gianetta (me).
      Our cleanocrat is Julianne, she is looking for more volunteers!  Please contact her if you can help out.
      Lord Twm is in charge of fighting, and is looking for more marshals to assist.  Please contact him if you can help marshal.
      There will be a bardic postrev after the event, most likely at Cerian's house.
      We will likely have a meeting for the populace of Ayreton in the near future to discuss next steps and Q&A around the baronial process.  However, the seneschals met with the Transitions officer at Stone Dog and clarified next steps.  Technically, there is now a Proto-Incipient Barony.  Some of the next steps are to set up proto-incipient officers, clarify name (is Ravenslake OK with Ayreton being the name of the barony, or should there be a new name?).  Also the populace is encouraged to create and submit heraldic ideas for the proto-incipent barony's device.
      Christiana will be at the upcoming Ravenslake meeting, and will ask the group about the name issue, and also discuss how best to manage communications between all 6 groups (announcements etc), and how much or little of the barony conversation Ravenslake would like to be a part of.  The Towne Cryer will attend this meeting if possible.
      Finally, there is an Official Petition that was circulated at the event, for members of the 5 groups interested in the Shell Barony to sign, to indicate that they would like their group to become a member of the shell barony.  If you didn't get a chance to sign, please contact your group's seneschal.  When moving forward in the baronial process, the number of signatures will be compared to the number of paid members registered in each group's zip code.  If you are not in support of your group joining the barony, please disregard -- you don't have to sign anything.
      First and foremost, there will NOT be a mayoral election.  Acelina reviewed some of the mayoral history, and Hizzoner and the Seneschals reiterated that this is NOT a formal or official position, but merely a focus for group harmony, generator of schtick, and a mouthpiece for the 6 groups of Ayreton. As such, the Seneschals will decide on the next Mayor and the handover will happen at the Ayreton Carnivale.
      Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.  If anyone has any questions about the meeting or the topics discussed, feel free to send your questions to myself or Hizzoner.
      Yours in Service,
      Mistress Gianetta, Ayreton Towne Cryer

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