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Midlands Region War Practice

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  • Clint Anderson
    Just so you know, I ll be at this practice running rapier war games and training scenarios as well. If you want to get ready for war, here is a great place to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      Just so you know, I'll be at this practice running rapier war games and training scenarios as well.  If you want to get ready for war, here is a great place to start.

      Forwarded message:
      Hey Everybody!

      Remember this email back in January from Robert Downey? Back when we actually had some warm-spells in the weather?
      Well I hope you remember! Because this is expected to be a grand time! A regional fighter practice. Nothing to do but just fight, hang with friends, learn some new things, do pick-ups, fight a tournament, and prepare for War season. Yup, that's right. Expect to bring your war shields and spears 'cause your fearless leader Gaylen and I, his XO, will be helping get you all into shape for Gulf Wars, Border Skirmish, Pennsic, and anything other war you attend for the Midrealm Army.
      Also, to those unbelts, expect to get a work out because special time will be set aside to train YOU for the Unbelted Champions Team. Come on, you know you want to....

      Sgt. Gintaras the Tauras, Baron of the Court
      Midlands Army XO for Heavy Combat
      Midlands Champions Commander
      Midlands Regional Marshal


      The Barony of Illiton would like to invite you to attend the COOLEST
      REGIONAL PRACTICE EVAR!!!! Hehe. Well, it will only be the coolest if
      you all comeÂ…

      On MARCH 1st, The Barony of Illiton will be holding a Midlands
      Regional practice, starting at noon, and ending when we can't lift a
      sword anymore. So get your sorry carcass off the couch! YES YOU! STEP
      AWAY FROM THE CHEETOES! It's gonna be a blast! Come beat your
      Help your fellow fighters become more Prowe.

      Location: Fusion Youth Center, 335 Sabella St, Pekin Il 61554

      Here is a link to the location:
      http://web3. ls.sp1.yahoo. com/details? id=17531792

      Details: If you need any specific info, contact me!! Robert D. Roach,
      Cell,(309)253- 7921 or Roachster@housefall enstar.com

      Further details: This Non for profit Organization is allowing us to
      use their facility completely free of charge. This is a very generous
      action on their part. We would like to pass the hat to donate a bit
      of money to support their community efforts. No obligation though!

      See you all there!!!!!
      Robert Downey

      Anton du Marais 

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