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For a fallen warrior

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  • Sir Ix
    My daughter, Lady Elizabeth and Vargas squire Fagan are part of this group in Caid. It was a heart attack on the field.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2008
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      My daughter, Lady Elizabeth and Vargas' squire Fagan are part of this
      group in Caid. It was a heart attack on the field.

      >>This is a repost from our Starkhafn Group, done so with permission
      >>from Mistress Margaret. I would ask that if you are interested in
      >>lending a hand or in lending a shoulder, please take a moment to read
      >>I thank you for your time.
      >>Starkhafn, CAID
      >Sad greeting to the tribe,
      >As you are already aware, Starkhafn lost one of
      >its own on Friday, Feb 15, at Estrella. Albert
      >Vernon leaves behind a wife, Kindra and young
      >son, Cody.
      >Many of our kind SCA brethren have asked for
      >contact information regarding condolences and/or
      >donations and I wanted to pass along the
      >An email address has been set up for anyone who
      >wanted to send along condolences electronically.
      >Messages can be sent to
      >albertvernon_memoriam AT yahoo.com
      >and they will be printed and passed on to his
      >Snail mail can be addressed to his wife, Kindra
      >Vernon, in
      >c/o Julie Stackable
      >13 Cook Circle
      >Las Vegas, NV 89115
      >Anything sent will be passed on to the family.
      >If anyone feels so inclined as to make a donation
      >to help out his family with final expenses,
      >checks or money orders can be made payable to:
      >Kindra Vernon and sent to the above address.
      >Because we are a far-flung family, a PayPal
      >account has been set up in his memory, bank
      >account transfers can be made to the same email
      >albertvernon_memoriam AT yahoo.com
      >As a caveat, if a donation is made via PayPal,
      >please make it ONLY as a bank account transfer,
      >as credit card payments incur a fee to the
      >Again, any monies sent as a private donation are
      >going directly to his family, with their deep
      >If anyone has any questions or concerns, please
      >feel free to contact me off list. I apologize if
      >this sounds too businesslike, I wanted to make
      >sure the information was passed along succinctly.
      >Please feel free to forward as you feel
      >appropriate, I will be passing it along onto a
      >number of lists.
      >Naturally, any of you attending the service this
      >weekend can pass along condolences personally to
      >the family, but we wanted to put out a central
      >contact point for the many who have asked,
      >especially as I know not just Starkhafners
      >subscribe to this list.
      >With heavy heart,
      >Mistress Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan
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