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Re: [Ayreton] Use of this list (and a rumble from behind the bar)

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  • Andrew Otto
    Angus steps out from the Oak and out of persona... You (we) have a forum for this kind of discussion, The Frasers-Oak list. I started this list with my own
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 2, 2008
      Angus steps out from the Oak and out of persona...
      You (we) have a forum for this kind of discussion, The Frasers-Oak list. I started this list with my own time and funds to have a place where these kind of discussions could happen, in an open and frank manner.
      I invite you all to come on over and bring this discussion to The Oak and leave the other lists for announcements and news.
      My rules are a little less strict and my be more appropriate for this type of discussion.
      1. No personal attacks. Note that a personal attack is "you are a scum sucking idiot". It is not, "I think you might be trying B.S. us" or "you did something to piss me off"
      2. In vino veritas. This is an honesty zone. If you are mad, sad, annoyed, frustrated, suspicious, or otherwise peeved, say it! and oh see point 3
      3. This is a tavern. Politeness is highly overrated here. Civility would be nice. Keep it R-rated.
      4. Fighting will result in the combatants being asked to neutral corners until they can play nice with each other.
      5. Long-winded rambling is allowed, but this sort of thing is it's own punishment -- people will fail to read your tirade.
      Come on by and hoist a pint!

      spdesroches@... wrote:
      Greetings Citizens
           I thank you all for your time and opinions here. I have been reading all these communications, and have been more or less satisfied that so far the rules for the use of this private list are being followed. For those who may have subscribed only lately, those rules include:
          That the messages posted be done in a thoughtful, polite manner much as in our Society in whole.
          That posts should be kept to a reasonable minimum in length and quantity.
          That the list will not be used as a resource for personal attacks here or to acquire private e-mail addresses for objectionable private posts.
            We have previously established penalties for the violation of these rules, namely that with the first infraction, as judged by the moderators, will result in the violator receiving a private warning, with the offending content quoted, from the Town Crier. The second violation will result in a similar warning posted publicly here. The third infraction will result in the violator having their posting priviledges here suspended for 90 days from the date of a public notice by the Town Crier. The violator may then be returned to posting status if an apology is received by the Town Crier, agreed to by the moderators, and then published here.
           The moderators reserve the right to alter these rules or penalties as circumstances demand on this private list.
           Thus said, I would like to bring up a subject suggested at the Town Meeting held in Foxvale last fall, namely that this list be restricted to the posting of notices for area events, meetings and other functions and needs, and that there there be established a seperate discussion group for more politically oriented subjects.  True, it's "just another damn list I've got clogging my bandwidth", but doing so would allow that discussion to continue without interfering with the primary purpose of this list. We had put off using this option last fall, but now may be the time.


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