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2008 war season

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  • Clint Anderson
    Unto the fine citizen soldiers of the Midlands rapier militia do I, Anton du Marais send greetings! I would hope that the New Year finds you and your families
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2008

      Unto the fine citizen soldiers of the Midlands rapier militia do I, Anton du Marais send greetings!  I would hope that the New Year finds you and your families healthy and hale.  And yet, the warm spring winds are not long off, and war ever lingers on the horizon.  To that end I will soon be issuing a call to arms and assembling the Midlands militia.

                  Last year saw the creation of several elite units throughout the Kingdom and I believe they more than proved their worth.  As such, this year it is my goal to see more units formed throughout our Kingdom.  To that end I am looking to host several melee classes and tournaments throughout the season to encourage melee and lend what support I can to newly forming melee units of our region. Whether you are venturing east this summer to fight in the Great War or are staying here to defend our western border I encourage you all to form small tactical units.   We might not field as many blades as other regions in the Kingdom, but with your help I expect to field the best-trained, most effective troops out there!

      If you are interested in promoting melee and melee units in your area please contact me so I can arrange what help I may.  I expect to travel throughout the region this summer to as many events and practices as possible to lend whatever knowledge and support I can.  I am also proud to announce that at this year’s Awakening event in Bloomington, IL, the Thieves of Hearts are sponsoring the first ever Midlands Melee Challenge. The competition will run like an Atlantian 5 man melee; however, you are not limited to 5 people.  Bring your crew, wear your colors, and prove you are the best unit in the region. And as the greatest of units should have a banner to announce their presence both on and off the field, I offer a new unit banner as the prize to the unit who wins the competition. So get with your friends, think up a unit name, and let’s get ready for war!

      Here is my proposed list of events where I will be available and what classes I am planning on teaching.  If you have any suggestions or things you think will benefit your group please send them to me at rapier-anton AT hotmail.com.


                  Barony of Illiton            March 1           REGIONAL PRACTICE



      Ayreton Carnival          March 22         Basic Small Unit Tactics

      Theory and Practice


      Rites of Spring              April 5              Melee Survival 101


                  Awakening                   May 3              Advanced Small Unit Tactics &

                                                                              Midlands Melee Challenge

                                                                              REGIONAL WAR PRACTICE


                  Chaos Caravan             May 17            Eyes on the Prize:

                                                                              Victory Conditions Beyond ‘kill ‘em all’


                  Border Skirmish           June 7              War Games & Elite Units Challenge

                                                                              REGIONAL WAR PRACTICE


      Feast of St Ethyl           July 12             Basic Small Unit Tactics

      Theory and Practice




      Do not forget our brothers and sisters on the heavy field, as we are all soldiers in the Dragon Army!  Last year saw an astonishing number of crossovers fighting for the Midrealm and I wish to see those numbers continue to grow.  Strap on some armor and try using a spear, you will be amazed how similar it is to the rapier you are used to, and they will be glad to have you. Or become a combat archer or a siege engineer and rain down death from above!  Seek out your heavy friends; they will be most willing to help you get started.  And let us be good hosts as we continue to welcome the heavy fighters that seek to swell our ranks on the rapier field.  Encourage your friends and help others get their gear together.  Not going to war?  Adopt a fighter and send them to war with your gear, even if you are not at war you can still be supporting your crown.


      But do not think that simply because we prepare for war that our tournament skills can wane.  Last year at the Great War saw us loose the first rapier war point in 4 years and we lost it in the Champions Battle where individual skill and prowess are measured.  I encourage you all to put forth the extra effort that it takes to improve your skills.  Get out and fight others beyond your shire, province, or barony and see how your skills stack up to others in the Kingdom.  Go pick fights with people you respect, as you will never improve if you only engage in fights you know you can win.  Seek out new teachers for whether they be alive or long dead there is much knowledge out there to be gained. 


      So in closing I bid you all to seek out new challenges and put yourself to the test,  together we can accomplish great things!  A little sweat and a few bruises are but a small price to pay to gain such high renown.  So whet your steel, and strengthen your sword arm for the Dragon Army will soon be on the march!



      My friends, I fear I need your help, for I would cry this message out to the far corners of the Region yet I find my humble skills lacking as a single voice is incapable of covering such a vast distance, and so I ask each of you to help me spread these words like leaves before an autumn storm. May they be flung both far and wide such that all may read them and know of the struggles ahead.




      Warder Anton du Marais

      Midlands Regional Rapier Commander



      Anton du Marais 

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