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Roundtable Discussion

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  • Dayle Harding
    Greetings all from Your Lady Mayor-- Thanks to all who came and made the roundtable discussion a rousing success. It was wonderful to see four of the area
    Message 1 of 35 , Sep 4, 2006
      Greetings all from Your Lady Mayor--
      Thanks to all who came and made the roundtable discussion a rousing success.  It was wonderful to see four of the area groups represented, and several officers from those groups there as well.
      We didn't make any final decisions, but did come up with a path to follow to gather more information.  I took notes, but my husband took the car this morning to work, and my notes are in it, so I will try to do this from memory.
      Purpose for event:  To show the rest of the world how well we really DO play together.  I personally think we all already know we play well together in general.  There's hardly one group among us that doesn't have at least individuals from other groups helping when we hold events.  But, as it was pointed out, it takes alot longer to live down a reputation. 
      Activites we'd like to see at an event:  As many as we can of the traditional ones.  This will be site dependent.  However, one thing that was discussed was having various competitions for Ayreton champions in the morning, with those same champions then holding the field in the afternoon.  Now, that being said, we also want A/S champions, and that will have to have a slight change of format.  But, I think everyone was very much in favor of one or more A/S champions.  So, those of you who do alot of A/S, let's brainstorm how this will work.  Maybe at either the Fox Vale or Vanished Wood events?
      Sponsoring group:  A couple of ideas were proposed.  One, that whatever the location of the event turns out to be, a group other than the "home group" become the sponsoring group.  Also, while one of the sponsoring group HAS to be an autocrat (insurance rules and all), having a co-autocrat from another of the groups to lessen the perception of favoritism.  Going back to purpose, perception of others is key to this event.  Also, my personal idea is that I should NOT be the autocrat.  I am more than happy to be the figurehead, and to help with promotions and communications, but because of that, I do not think I should be the one (or two) running this.  I'll be happy to help in any other way that I can.
      Spinoff idea to this:  My term as Mayor should technically be coming to an end this 12th Night at TGS.  However, I beg a boon from you all.  I feel like I've just been getting my act together the last couple of months, and now we have this proposed event on the table.  I would like to stay on as Mayor until this event is over, or I could turn the "office" over at this event.  If the event goes off well, and we think we may start doing this annually, it may make sense to have turnovers of Mayors and Champions at this event.  But that's way ahead of things.  For now, I only ask to remain on until we either do this event, or table the whole idea.
      Funding of event:  We discussed having all the groups take equal financial responsibility and then equally share in either the profits or losses.  This is legal within the SCA (I checked before I suggested it).  It gives each group ownership of the event.  However, as a former local seneschal myself, I would ask that the officers of the local groups take this thought back to their groups, open it to discussion, and then vote.  If anything will make this event go poorly, and bad feelings to happen, it's the whole money idea. 
      Locations:  There are currently two potential locations, with Sorcha investigating a couple more ideas.  One is the Fox Vale site, which can be seen at the Fox Vale event.  One is a location in Barrington that Katherine has located.  It's associated with the Park District, so there may be food exclusions.  We are checking into that.  Any other ideas are welcome.
      Timing:  We were thinking late Spring, to try and hope for good weather.  Other ideas are also welcome.
      Talent distribution:  We discussed just that...distribution.  Rather than have one group do lunch, another feast, etc., we discussed letting people volunteer for what they do best.  We would have one person as "point" in each area.  But, let's get the event going and a site first before we start fretting that detail.  Yea, it's important.  But it may be moot if we don't get the event going or find a suitable site.
      Ok, please keep in mind that all of this was discussed, and met with positive enthusiam.  However, none of it has been "decided".  That needs to happen after all the local groups decide if they are in, or out, at their own business meetings.  We will have another planning meeting (and this time it can really be a meeting...hehe) at the Fox Vale event. 
      Also, as Lady Mayor, I have a few other items to "discuss" at the Fox Vale meeting.  You'll have to attend to find out what.
      I think I covered everything, but I'll know once my notes return home for lunch.  I'll post any corrections.
      Thanks again for attending, and/or reading this. 
      I remain,
      Your humble Mayor,

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    • AlexdeSet@aol.com
      Greetings! Are you looking for an outdoor or indoor site? You could price the MKAOD/Border Skirmish site. Greg LaPlante, 815-690-1234. 303 Herbert Rd,
      Message 35 of 35 , Sep 28, 2006
             Are you looking for an outdoor or indoor site? You could price the MKAOD/Border Skirmish site. Greg LaPlante, 815-690-1234. 303 Herbert Rd, Lakemoor, IL 60051
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        Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Re: Roundtable Discussion Meeting time at Fox Hunt II

        So what's on the discussion agenda for Foxhunt?  Hopefully we'll have representatives from all participating shires, because we really need to start figuring out some of the not-so-fun stuff that has the potential for getting us in trouble-- namely: site, sponsor, autocrat, and finances.
        Unfortunately, the few leads I had on sites (Glenbrook North HS and a couple places around the Forst Park/Oak Park area) have gone cold.  Hopefully someone else will have better luck finding a site.
        ~Tedesco da Venezia~

        On 9/11/06, jeffnaggie@... <jeffnaggie@...> wrote:
        I am currently scheduling the classes and meetings for Fox Hunt and was wondering if 3-4:30 works for everyone for the meeting time.
        This would allow fighters, arachers, merchants and people attending and teaching classes etc. to participate and is before we need to start setting up for feast. Does that work?  I'd like to put the meeting down on the "official" schedule as being led by Acelina.

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