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RE: Award Scroll Case Supplies Needed

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  • Jenna Klauss
    Good Day to All, Jocelyn among the many tasks in my job one of them is running the shipping department in my office. We get a regular shipment of boxes that I
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2007
      Good Day to All,
        Jocelyn among the many tasks in my job one of them is running the shipping department in my office.  We get a regular shipment of boxes that I would not have a problem putting aside.  The larger boxes would make lovely scroll carriers.  If at any point in time I would not have any problems donating them to the SCA instead of the dumpster/recycling.  Please let me know and I will put them aside for 12th Night. 
      Cheers & Kisses

      Forwarded by request.
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      Subject: [Ayreton] Award Scroll Case Supplies Needed

      Please feel free to cross post this message to all
      local group lists :)

      Greetings good gentles:

      A project is in the works for Ayreton to replenish the
      stocks of Award Scroll Carriers as a gift to the Crown
      and the office of the Signet.

      A date will be announced later as to when a date and
      location is planned to assemble the scroll carries.
      All Ayreton groups are invited to participate. We
      would like to present the completed cases to their
      Majesties at the Ayreton Town Carnivale.

      Here is how we need your help: We are in the midst of
      the season where shipping cartons and large boxed
      presents are in abundance. Please begin saving
      cardboard boxes or cut panels from boxes larger than

      To complete the carriers, we will also need donations
      of fabric of any kind, (large scraps OK), and thin
      scrap ribbon and elastic. Tentatively, donations will
      be collected at Tree-Girt-Sea' s 12th night, or contact
      me for other arrangements.

      Again, thank you for saving your cardboard, and watch
      for future announcements regarding the scroll case
      making day.


      THL Jocelyn of Lutterworth

      Jenna Klauss
      The most important word is "We"!

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