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A word from the Lincoln Signet and please read the FW: Please Post

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  • Patricia E. Chadwick
    Greetings Unto the Hard working Midlands Scribes! Below is letter that I was asked to post by my boss, THL Mary Buchanan, Dragon Signet. Feel free to re-post
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2007

      Greetings Unto the Hard working Midlands Scribes! 

      Below is letter that I was asked to post by my boss, THL Mary Buchanan, Dragon Signet.


      Feel free to re-post this to anyone you feel might be interested.

      A small portion of this letter might be repeated but with some personal comments added in.

      Please take time to read the letter from Dragon Signet.  Thank you.


      Now for the personal comment part.

      I’ll be stepping down soon (details in the dragon signet’s letter listed below).  If you have questions about the job please contact me or Dragon Signet. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


      I just wanted to say thank you to all the scribes and non-scribes who supported the office of IL regional signet. I could not have done this job without your hard work and dedication.  You’re a most impressive group both the beginners and experienced scribes.  I’m proud to have had the privilege of working with everyone.  I’m happy about the friendships that have developed along the way.  Please keep in mind, I’m only stepping down and I plan to keep doing scribble stuff.  I love to learn and I love to teach.  So if you see me, stop and ask or stop and show me.  Or feel free to email me. 



      THL Akiko Catherine O’Brien

      Lincoln Signet



      PS: I know I’ve fallen a wee bit behind on posting scrolls but I’m waiting for photo’s.  I will try to give one last update before I step down.  Some of the missive is BCC so if you get this twice, I apologize.


      Please read the letter below. Thank you.


      From: Mehl, Marilyn Elaine [mailto:memehl@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 11:26 AM
      To: Holly Stockley; Lincoln Signet
      Subject: Please Post


      Hi Femke and Akiko,


      Please post the following out to your Regional Groups.  I have already sent this out to the MK-Scribes list.



      Mary Buchanan



      Greetings from the Dragon Signet,


      It is my great pleasure to announce that the new Constellation Regional Signet is Lord Justice McArtain.  He stepped into the role at Simple Day in July, when Mistress Angharad Rhos Tewdr stepped down.  I look forward to serving with Lord Justice, and I hope all the Constellation Illuminators and Scribes will contact him and wish him welcome.  I am very grateful to Mistress Angharad for all the assistance she gave me during her time in office, as well as the skilled service and awe-inspiring artistry she has repeatedly and tirelessly given to the Kingdom.  Thank you Mistress Angharad! 


      Remember that the best way to recommend an award for a friend is to enter it in the Awards Recommendation Database at www.midrealm.org/op/recommend/ .  We are primarily using electronic methods to make scroll assignments and send related communications about courts.  Any scribe or illuminator who wishes to become involved in the court awards process may contact their Regional Signet to be placed on the list of available artists.


      Please do not make any assumptions about award recommendations that have been submitted for consideration to Their Majesties.  Awards are given solely at the discretion of Their Majesties, and may be somewhat different than what was written by those who recommended them; given at a different event/region, given a different level/category of award, or not given at all during that reign.  Recommendations in the database can be updated periodically by the author, to include additional event dates that the proposed recipient will be attending.


      The Fenris Regional Signet, Lady Femke de Roas ( Michigan ), and the Lincoln Regional Signet, THL Akiko Catherine O’Brien ( Illinois ), have both expressed a desire to step down, so I am taking applications for those offices.  If you wish to be considered, please send a letter of interest and your qualifications to both the current Regional Signet of your area, and myself.  These may be sent by email or hardcopy.  The deadline is January 15, 2008.  Our contact information is listed in the back of The Pale, and on the Signet’s website at www.midrealm.org/heraldry/signet/


      In Service,


      Mary Buchanan


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