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Mischief and Mayhem

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  • Ayreton Towne Cryer
    OYEZ! OYEZ! The Honorable Lady Mayor of Ayreton does wish to have announced the following! There is a new member of the Lady Mayor s payroll. The Lady of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2006
      OYEZ! OYEZ!
      The Honorable Lady Mayor of Ayreton does wish to have announced the following!
      There is a new member of the Lady Mayor's payroll.
      The Lady of Mischeif and Mayhem has been appointed and it is none other than that lady who likes to be in Dutch!  We shall simply call her Emmiken.
      Now in case you don't believe that Emmiken should hold such a position of highly esteemed lowness bear witness to this true tale.
      Friday after the war horn had been blown by the East Kingdom we at the Gargoyles camp, really it was an Ayreton Camp with the Lady Mayor present as well as Vanished Woods and Rokkhealden folks, were enjoying each other's company. The camp across the road was having a party of their own complete with beer and a free raffle.
      Emmiken sweet talks her way in and peruses the party and reports back that is is quite fun.  We notice that the bottle of Malort isn't gone yet and for some reason one of our very own campers at Gargoyles decided to give this poison a try.  After seing the look on his face Emmiken decides to take the Malort to the party across the Street.
      Well as luck would have it the KING of An Tir was playing Master of Ceremonies for the Raffle and Emmiken decided that poisoning a KING was a good idea and offered Him some.  He sipped it and quickly pronounced it horrible.  Ask Emmiken for the visual and audio some time.  Off he went to find some cure for this poison unwittingly foisted upon him.
      Well His Majesties champion was there and offered Emmiken a duel of sorts.  "YOU DRINK IT," says he so that the poisoner would taste her own poison.  And so our delightful dutch girl did just that.  She drank the rest of the cup proffered to the An Tir King and walked away with a smile on her face if a bitter taste on the tongue.
      So when An Tir chooses AGAINST the Middle Kingdom at Pennsic 36 you can rest assured that you know why.  Poisoning a King has consequences...
      You get to be the official Mischief and Mayhem Maker of Ayreton.
      Ian the Green
      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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