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A general gentle reminder

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  • ayretontownecryer
    I have sent out several gentle reminders privately in this past week and I believe a general gentle reminder to the list is perhaps warranted. The moderators
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2007

      I have sent out several gentle reminders privately in this past week and I believe a general gentle reminder to the list is perhaps warranted.

      The moderators and owners of this list hosted by Yahoo! groups welcome and enjoy open civil communication of SCA activities and events and such activities that are of direct interest to the SCA community in the area that is called Ayerton.  This includes, but is not strictly limited to, A&S, Arts Martial, Ride Sharing, Event(s), requests for help and such.

      When this list was envisioned and created by Lord Tedesco and with my input it was originally supposed to be a clearing house for information, as such a list for announcements only, where anyone could post announcements.  It was not originally intended to be a discussion oriented group.

      This was moderately relaxed for the purposes of discussing how to carry forth the first Ayerton Carnival.  It was again relaxed for the purposes of discussing what has come to be called by some as the Barony Issue tm.  It is with great understanding and some trepidation that this decision was made each time as the primary purpose of the list was and is to be a clearing house of information about SCA activities in the SCA.

      I have been very happy with the overall tone that this discussion has been carried out in.  Almost always it has been respectful.  Almost always people have restrained themselves and shown themselves wise even if they themselves disagreed with others or were in the minority.  There have been extremely few instances of rudeness and often enough laugh turned away wrath or a gentle nudge reminding one of the rules was more than enough for the minor course correction getting the discussion back on track.

      It is neither the intent nor the desire of the moderators/owners of this list to stop anyone from expressing themselves on any given subject as long as they are in compliance with the policy of the list.  That said, some topics of conversation are not appropriate for this list and as such can be taken elsewhere and heartily enjoined there.  To put a silly analogy to this, don't drive you car down the subway tunnel or versa vice.

      I ask that people try to bring the focus of the discussion and posts back within these parameters; postings about SCA activities or activities directly of interest to the SCA community or directly on point with the Barony Issue tm.  It is very easy to vary off a discussion in small degrees until such time as the discussion is entirely off course of the original intent.

      Please think of this as a general gentle reminder to please come back to posting within the policy and states purpose of this list.  I have been in the past very enthusiastic about the conduct of this list and remain so today despite the very few problems that have arisen.  Please feel free to continue to discuss the Barony Issue tm (just who has the tm anyway?) in a civil manner.  There have been some excellent suggestions as of late as to how one might conduct themselves to ensure one does this.

      I look forward to seeing more discussion and of course postings about activities and things of interest.  I will point out that there have been postings on this list that may have been swallowed up in other discussions that occurred this week.  Christian Fournier is a Vigilante along with Sarafina Sinclaire (and is curious about any witnessed vigilante justice these two have been coordinating).  Foxvale is hosting Fox Hunt III.  International Tok like yer a pirate or be walkin' the plank day was today.  There is an Ayreton Towne Meeting at Foxhunt whose primary purpose is to discuss Ayerton Carnival II preparations and plans.  There likely are others but that is what the announcement list is for.  If you can't remember at least you can find them.

      Thank you my friends and fellow members of the populace of Ayreton for your interest and continuing use of this list.  It continues to be my pleasure to be the Ayreton Towne Cryer and I look forward to my deputy serving you even better than my humble and sometimes stumble attempts have been.  Until my deputy takes over, no not yet, I remain

      Yours Truly

      Lord Ian the Green

      Ayreton Towne Cryer

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