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Respect and this list

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  • Dayle Harding
    Good gentles-- I have remained silent on this issue so far, mainly because so many of you were doing an admirable job of saying what I would have just said
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2007
      Good gentles--

      I have remained silent on this "issue" so far, mainly because so many of you were doing an admirable job of saying what I would have just said anyway.  So I saw no need.

      However, I now feel a need to state a couple of things with regard to how this discussion is going.

      Grimkirk was correct in that there has been a stormy history here.  And, negativity has happened here before. I believe where the line gets drawn is when that spills over in a post to look like a personal attack on one person.  That's how I read the post, and judging from others postings after, so did other people.  I absolutely believe that all have their right to speak (or in this case write) their opinions about a topic.  And, the Barony issue, and it's many related issues, is a hot topic.  And, I for one, am glad to see that none of us are taking this lightly....no matter which way the final outcome goes, we need to have taken this seriously and put thought into it. 

      That being said, it's one thing to say "Hey, I totally disagree" and another to say it in a manner that attacks the person making the statement rather than the statement.  I work in special education.  My colleagues and I disagree either with each other or with others at various times.  The preferred, productive route is to show respect for the person and their knowledge base, but disagree with their conclusion or suggestion.  We all have information and history to share, and much of it will be enlightening to others. 

      I believe the difference we are talking about here is constructive versus destructive criticism. Constructive can, and frequently does, lead to new or innovative solutions to problems.  Destructive not only does NOT lead to that, but leaves people feeling angry and resentful.  The goal of the mayor's office has been, for at least the last and current term, to try and reduce and/or eliminate the destruction.  NOT eliminate the disagreement, just the negativity for negativities sake.  And, I appreciate more than most the position that Eitenne has found himself in.  It takes bravery to act on that.  Any decision will be met with agreements and disagreements.  But, I do applaud here those that have stated their level of discomfort with the decision....I didn't read any personal attacks against him, but rather with his decision.  That's constructive. 

      This list was created to help the communication between the groups.  It actually was NOT a forum for discussion.  We opened that up last year for facilitation of discussion about the Ayreton event.  But, prior to that, it was for postings....of events, of guild meetings, of arts/science gatherings, of fighter practices, and occasional pleas for help with demos. 

      So, maybe it's time to rethink the purpose of this egroup.  Is it for discussion?  Or do we go back to this for postings?  Thoughts?  Should we do an "epoll" about it?

      One other thought.   If you, ANY of you, are passionate about a particular thing, especially if it's something that a formal group (any of the groups) will potentially be voting on, and you are a member of that group, it might be in your personal best interest to either show up to the meeting, or give your WRITTEN proxy vote to someone you trust that is going.  If written is out of the question, then call the SENESCHAL....do not depend on others to go a particular way.  Decisions get made based on who is present....be that funding of things, or dates of things, etc.  Don't like how your group is voting?  Then go to the meeting.  Do all the other people on an egroup not in your group need to know?  Maybe, but highly unlikely....

      Your former Mayor and interested citizen,

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