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Re: Greetings Good Citizens

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  • Valerie
    The true issue lies not just in todays comments but other posts and comments on this list specifically made by the gentle in question. Said gentle was warned
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 17, 2007
      The true issue lies not just in todays comments but other posts and
      comments on this list specifically made by the gentle in question.
      Said gentle was warned about putting more thought and care into his
      posts previously and has failed to do so. I too found the post in
      question as put forth in a very rude and infamitory way. To get his
      point across he simply need say.

      I disagree reguarding the polling since not all the populace has been
      polled as of yet just those that attended said meet.

      instead said gentle decided to use certain phrases and by the end of
      his email it came across more as a personal attack rather then stating
      a well thought out oppinion.

      I've hope that everyone as always will think carefully what they are
      putting out on the list and be sure to read before you post. I've
      more then once written a post then deleted it and started over because
      my tone could be taken the wrong way. As always in a public forum I
      encourage everyone to act like an adult and remember that you are
      responsible for your own actions.

      Said gentle should still be able to read this list and stay informed
      as to the goings on in the area he will just be unable to post for 90
      days. After the suspension he can post again and I'd like to believe
      will learn to give more care to how his words affect others arround
      him and will be a much better person for the experiance.

      Moira O'Dorran

      P.S. The Barony of Rivenstar has been really great to me so far and I
      miss everyone up in chicago. I hope to come up for a practice and
      visit you guys soon. :)

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, John Adams <auldefarte@...> wrote:
      > Lord Mayor,
      > In keeping with your obvious desire to protect the (questionably)
      innocent, I shall follow in your footsteps.
      > I have reviewed what I suspect to be the post in question, and I
      fear that I find your decision questionable. In fact, I can find
      nothing in this Gentle Person #1's (the 'offender') reply to Gentle
      Person #2 (the 'offended') or any other posts this day which could be
      interpreted as 'false statements'.
      > Gentle Person #2 indeed presumed upon the content of a posting
      regarding the results of the TGS poll, inferring that it reflected the
      opinion of the entire populace, which Gentle Person #1 rightly
      corrected. This observation was summarily seconded by myself, but only
      because Gentle Person #1's post arrived before my own.
      > In his second paragraph, Gentle Person #1 only expressed well known
      > In his third paragraph, Gentle Person #1 then gave two well founded
      suggestions, and expressed an opinion based upon his own prior
      observation (as opinions go, your mileage may vary), and subsequently
      compared Gentle Person #2's current remarks to those previously
      observed. Certainly, opinions are not worthy of removing his
      privilege? And just because someone claims to be 'attacked' does not
      inherantly make it so.
      > Few if any know better than I that Gentle Person #1 can be a
      contentious creature, and you may not like his tone. And I venture it
      safe to say that at some point while discussing these subjects, you
      will probably not care for mine either. However, it is you (and
      perhaps your associates) who have chosen to make this a forum for the
      discussion of what will invariably be found, long before its demise, a
      subject of great difference, one borne by those who are strong in
      thought and opinion. Clearly, to be perceived objective, you can ill
      afford to be 'thin skinned' about what is or is not 'civil',
      'destructive' or 'ill-considered' now. Simply claiming that you are
      objective will not suffice, as you have an equally public opinion on
      the subject and are in control of this venue. To remove anyone's voice
      at this time, especially a vocal dissentor, will smack of censorship
      whether it is in fact, or not, and can guarantee you with relative
      certainty, that it will
      > weigh heavily against your own espoused goals when an official
      accounting is made.
      > While I am impressed that Gentle Person #2 saw fit to recuse himself
      as a moderator in this matter, I respectfully (and publicly) recommend
      you reconsider your decision.
      > In Service,
      > Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor
      > Province of Tre-Girt-Sea
      > ----- Original Message ----
      > From: "spdesroches@..." <spdesroches@...>
      > To: Ayreton@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 3:29:12 PM
      > Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Greetings Good Citizens
      > Grreetings Good Citizens
      > As it has been stated here in the past, the purpose of this
      private list is to further greater cooperation and communication
      between the various groups in Chicagoland. Mature and constructive
      exchanges of opinion and useful information is its sole purpose.
      Destructive and ill-considered posts are counter to its purpose. It
      with some concern that I have viewed this day's postings. The various
      opinions stated contained many valid points, and have for the most
      part, been constructively put forth by the members of this list.
      However one post today has contained an untrue accusation of
      falsehood. It is with regret that I have asked the moderators to put
      the person who made this statement on a non-posting status. This
      action has been taken because the individual in question has
      repeatedly made inflammatory statements here, and has previously been
      put in this status a number of times. Should this individual, after 90
      days of suspension, wish to post a
      > public apology for this disgression, their ability to make posts
      here will be re-considered. I do not take this action lightly, or out
      of any personal ill-will, but of the need to maintain the civility of
      this forum.
      > In Service to the Realm and Ayreton
      > THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches
      > Ayreton Lord Mayor
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