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Reminder for Duct Tape Jamboree!!!

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  • Jenna Klauss
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2007
      From Illiton's list:
      Hope to see ya out there this weekend!!!! Talk to ya soon!!

      Duct tape Jamboree II: Fighters retreat and chivalric roundtable.

      Noble companions in arms! A few years ago I was contemplating many
      things by the warm hearth with my beloved Lady. We were speaking of
      things we found joy in; fighting, building prowess, and learning from
      masters was one. Camping under the stars with good companions was
      another. Speaking and thinking on chivalric virtues openly and plainly
      was yet another. "Why don't you combine all three!" she exclaimed.
      Thus the Duct Tape Jamboree was born. This will be the second annual
      occurrence. (although last year we didn't get to do it, as we were
      just to busy serving the Kingdom in other ways.)

      Description: In the beauty of the former Boy Scout camp Wokanda,
      Peoria, Illinois, We will once again hold a "fighter campout and
      retreat". We will enjoy each other's company during the day,
      exchanging blows, and learning from each other and the knights I can
      beg and/or coerce into attending, and, after we are exhausted and
      bruised, sit around a fire with our companions, get to know each other
      better, cook hotdogs and marshmallows, and conduct a roundtable
      discussion on the virtues of Chivalry, historically, as they apply to
      our society and actions today, and how we can increase our
      understanding both personally and regionally. Last time, we had great
      profit in the open, honest discussion on these most important
      subjects. I'm sure this time will be no different
      Scope: This is a Fighter's retreat, with a very focused scope. In the
      spirit of this goal, participation in the chivalric arts and camping
      under the stars in Noble Company are the only activities we will be
      planning for. It's a great opportunity to let your non-martial
      significant other have a peaceful day at home without you. (wink)
      Site: As the furtherance of the Chivalric arts is dear to My Lady and
      me, we will be providing the site at no charge to the participants. It
      is a beautiful primitive camping site with clean toilets, hot
      showers, and water. Bring camping supplies appropriate for this form
      of camping.
      Food: please provide for your own lunch. Dinner will be a potluck.
      Bring a package of hotdogs or brats, marshmallows, etc. Whatever you
      feel appropriate to share. Remember, simplicity will allow us to focus
      on the fun!
      Date and Time: Saturday Sept 15th, (I'll be there at 8 in the morning)
      till we drag our butts out of there on Sunday.
      Note: For several reasons this does not fall under the auspices of an
      "officially sanctioned SCA event". In other words, Please don't sue
      me, and bring your own insurance card! (smile)

      Contact: If you have questions, concerns, etc, let me know! Please
      RSVP to me no later than a week before the event. Don't let that stop
      you from coming! But it would help with the planning.
      Robert Downey of Forfar (AKA Robert D. Roach)
      Home: 309-673-6856
      Cell: 309-253-7921
      Roachster@housefall enstar.com

      Jenna Klauss
      Time cannot touch two hearts that truely love.

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