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Re: [Ayreton] Desperatly seeking hay

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  • amysnewstart07@aol.com
    I might know where you can get hay.? Call Ben or Berniece at 815-648-4401, 815-790-4297 or 262-206-5692.? Or try Michael at 815-814-1214.? Amy ... From: Vargas
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 7 11:14 AM
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      I might know where you can get hay.  Call Ben or Berniece at 815-648-4401, 815-790-4297 or 262-206-5692.  Or try Michael at 815-814-1214.  Amy

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      From: Vargas <captainvargas@...>
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      Sent: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 12:56 pm
      Subject: [Ayreton] Desperatly seeking hay

      Hi all,
       Up from the depths of injury and down do I surface. I'm looking for some help or connections or something. We  need hay. We're desperate to get it. THERE IS NONE TO BE FOUND around here.  I've been calling as far as N.Y. (yes new york,)  looking for it. Oh yeah they got it, at anywhere from 3800 to 6000 grand a load. That's roughly 25 tons. That includes delivery of course) It breaks down to about 7.00 a bale  a bit too steep.
      So now the comes the help part, if anybody knows anyone that  knows anyone that has hay for sale, reasonbly priced  hay up to 5 dollars a bale, then please, please send me thier contact info. If they can deliver  5000 bales great, if we have to pick up 500 bales, then great!
      In any case thanks for the help.
      Who now will disappear into the obscurity of injury, and worry over feeding the horses.

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    • elenofbirchbrae
      Sir Vargas, I have called the feed store area from our church and he confirmed that here is a die need for all and very short supply. He has heard rumor of
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        Sir Vargas,
        I have called the feed store area from our church and he
        confirmed that here is a die need for all and very short
        supply. He has heard rumor of someone in WI making
        deliveries into IL; however, he has no info on this person.
        He has recommended that you look North and West, although
        stated that the $7.00 a bale is about what to expect right
        now. As an alternative he says Hay Cubes from Canada and
        replacement pellets. I did find a few web sites: some have
        hay but their web sites have not been updated for this
        summer, some have inf on cubes and pellets (how to use and
        pro/cons), and some possible suppliers of pellets as well.
        I have not called any of them; however, I thought it might
        be a place to start IF you have not exhusted all of these
        links already. I wish you luck!
        YIS, Elen of Birchbrae


















        Canadian Dehydrators Association
        203 - 12904, 50th Street NW
        Edmonton, Alberta
        T5A 4L2
        Email: thinkalfalfa@...
        Tel: 780-450-0169
        Fax: 780-450-0604
        President: Dale Pulkiner

        Canadian Hay Association
        1274-3rd Ave S.
        Lethbridge, AB
        T1J 0J9
        Email: info@...
        Tel: 403-320-2727
        Fax: 403-320-2855
        Toll Free: 1-888-541-0911
        President: Marc Lavoie
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