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Re: [Ayreton] The war and such

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  • spdesroches@att.net
    Whichever pleases you most, dearie (num-nummies!) Hizzonner ... Greetings Lord Mayor and all subscribing Ayretonites and Ayretonians - whichever terms pleases
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 17, 2007

      Whichever pleases you most, dearie (num-nummies!)



      -------------- Original message from Metylda <bamf505@...>: --------------

      Greetings Lord Mayor and all subscribing Ayretonites
      and Ayretonians - whichever terms pleases you more,

      I, Lady Metylda, and the rat releaser! I believe there
      was a younger gentle who was the rat catcher. Nope,
      dearie me, I just make sure that the proper amount
      rats are retained, so that the Rat Catcher can do
      their job. I also make sure no Rapier Rats are
      detained for too long... Can't have that, no not at
      all... If you wish to give me both jobs, I'm sure I
      can handle it just fine. Just to be sure, though,
      would you need an updated (Caramel Corn) resume for
      the Rat Catcher position? Or would my old (candied
      nuts) version suffice?

      Ayreton Rat Releaser

      --- spdesroches@ att.net wrote:

      > From the Lord Mayor
      > I hope all of you who attended Pennsic have had a
      > reasonably good time, arrived safely back home, and
      > have dried out. Lau ndry done? Or maybe just burned
      > it? Anyway, during my time there, I had many fine
      > citizens volunteer for the important posts in our
      > Town's administration. Here's the list so far:
      > Town Cackler: Talib of the Grey Gargoyles
      > Town Mead Tester and Taxation Assessor: Johannes
      > Machiavelli
      > Town Pillager: Bojei Temur
      > Town (Single) Malt Monger: Cunradus
      > Town Bouncer: Sir Killian Fendrich
      > Town Falconer (for real!): Theornderyc of the Grey
      > Gargoyles
      > Town Vice Mistress: Margherita Alessia (Ghita)
      > Boastmaster General: Henry of Exeter
      > Chief Superintendent of Streets and Sanitation:
      > Baron Gintaras
      > Ministress of Mischief and Mayhem: Emmiken de
      > Waeyern
      > Town Rat Catcher: Meytilda
      > (would our Town Rat Releaser please identify herself
      > here)
      > Finally...
      > The Creator: Christian Fournier
      > The Oracle: Jale bint ...y'know , Wendy!
      > The appointment of "jobs" is still open here, first
      > come, first to line their pockets, er, I mean first
      > served.
      > Your Lord Mayor
      > Etienne

      There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.


      Me ��t wyrd gew�f

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