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Re: [Ayreton] Regarding awards and recognition

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    Greetings from Beatrice. My apologies if this seems a bit soap-boxy. It is. This is my largest and favorite soap box, and James has been kind enough to leave
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2007
      Greetings from Beatrice.
      My apologies if this seems a bit soap-boxy.  It is.  This is my largest and favorite soap box, and James has been kind enough to leave me an opening to climb up on it and rant at you (politely, I hope).
      --James Ingram wrote:
      >I have heard from multiple people that they fealt it would be nice if more
      >people from Ayreton received recognition, at least at the kingdom level.
      >Here is a way to achieve that. To have someone champion the merits of those
      >in this area and highlight our achievements.
      >If we go the shell barony route in my eyes the vast majority of the
      >populace wins and gets what they want. More unity, kingdom level awards for
      >those who I'm sure long ago earned them, someone who at the end of the day
      >can cut through any political red tape and end squables, and canton autonomy
      >on most things. Also, as Ian has pointed out the various groups have
      >already done multiple things together and we all play nice.

      Speaking as a former precedence herald, the best way to get recognition is _not_ for someone to be in a Barony, or to have a landed head.
      The best way to get recognition for someone "who I'm sure long ago earned them" is to WRITE A LETTER TO THE CROWN!!!!!
      Their Majesties cannot award someone they don't know about.  If there is someone in the local group who you think is doing a good job (at ANYTHING), check the Order of Precedence, see what awards they currently have (and how recently those were given) and WRITE A LETTER TO THE CROWN recommending them for whatever award you believe they deserve.
      http://www.midrealm.org/op/  This is the link to the Kingdom OP.  Spend a few minutes, check out the local people you know, see if they have the awards you think they deserve.  If they don't, WRITE A LETTER TO THE CROWN!!!
      I, personally, recommend writing a formal letter (even if by email), including the persons mundane name, SCA name, current title, and branch association.  If you know some events that the person is going to be at, include that information.  When you sign it, be sure to include your SCA and mundane names.  Write a single letter for each person, so Their Majesties can file them properly.
      However, if you don't want to write a formal letter, there is a website for recommending for Middle Kingdom awards at:
      You will have to create a login and password, but it's a very quick and easy process.
      I have _*NEVER*_ heard of a set of Royals lamenting that they got too many recommendations.  I have, however, often heard Royals complaining that they don't get enough.
      *climbs down off her soapbox, curtseys to her audience to thank them for their attention, and exits quietly up-stage*
      In Service,
      Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana, AoA
      -E nobile scrivere quella lettera (It is noble to write that letter)
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