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Re: [Ayreton] Barony Question

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  • Scribesquire@comcast.net
    Exactly. I just reiterated it here for those who did not make the meeting. Henry ... From: Tedesco da Venezia That is what is supposed
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      Exactly.  I just reiterated it here for those who did not make the meeting.
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      From: "Tedesco da Venezia" <tedesco@...>

      That is what is supposed to happen as per the town meeting that was held at Border Skirmish...


      On 6/29/07, Scribesquire@ comcast.net <Scribesquire@ comcast.net> wrote:

      One of the appealing ideas of a shell barony is that the overall barony would in theory have the input of all the groups (in the way of baronial officers and what not). 

      Anything with a particular group becoming a barony/crown province/grand poo bah would have the issue of the other area groups than being beneath that group.   

      Again, it is up to each group to decide if thay want to go the baronial route or not.  My suggestion is that at the July meetings for all the 6 area groups, the topic be brought up and dicussed.  Then at the August meetings, each individual group can vote on it.  The seneschals of each group can then either appoint someone to be the laison from thier group to the mayor for this or the seneschal can do it themselves.


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