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Re: [Ayreton] Re: Questions about baronies

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    Principality....now that s something I ve never thought of. What, uhm, how,. Wow. Now that s something to think over. Do we have the Population, as far as
    Message 1 of 77 , Jun 29, 2007
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      "Principality....now that's something I've never thought of.  What, uhm, how,.  Wow.  Now that's something to think over.
      Do we have the Population, as far as the BoD / Society level requirements are concerned, to pull that off?
      Lord Dougal MacAlister the Tardy

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      From: Galen of Bristol <SirGalen@...>
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      Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 7:44:32 AM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Re: Questions about baronies

      Good morning!

      I am Galen of Bristol. I live in Raven's Lake. I am a viscount
      (Drachenwald) , a former kingdom seneschal (Ansteorra), knight,
      pelican, and former baron of the Barony of Elfsea (Ft. Worth, TX).
      I've just joined this list.

      I neither oppose nor advocate the idea of the groups comprising
      Ayreton becoming a barony. I do find it an intriguing idea.

      I have a question. Are there current official membership numbers
      available for the affected groups?

      I also have a few comments about what I've been reading the last
      couple days.

      It's been almost 20 years since the corporation expressly decided that
      there would be no more Provinces with ruling nobles. Anyone
      interested in going up to the Society level to ask that TGS be made
      "Crown Province" or somesuch will probably need a more compelling
      reason for them to reverse a longstanding policy than "grandfather
      clause be damned," as someone else said.

      A baron and baroness can be the focus of a great deal of attention,
      for those who enjoy that sort of thing. They can, with the help of
      their membership, make some very special magic. I'm here to tell you,
      it's also a lot of work for everyone involved, not least the baron and

      The idea of forming all the Chicagoland groups into one
      (geographically) very big barony would require every one of those
      groups to be demoted (and make no mistake, it would be a demotion in
      status) to Canton. If the members of those groups see the benefit in
      being part of a barony, they may legitimately think that a minor

      But it leads me to wonder why the proposal isn't for a principality.
      Was that considered?

      - Galen

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups .com, "ayretontownecryer"
      <ayretontownecryer@ ...> wrote:

      Creating a online Poll.
      > This was already done by the Honorable Lord Mayor. Of the over 150
      > people on this list 25 chose to respond and slightly over half favored
      > going Barony despite the questionaire not mentioning the word. Thus I
      > formally started this discussion for people to express their own
      > opinions and likely take this discussion to their own local groups to
      > determine if those local groups wanted to be a part of a Barony.
      > Crown Province
      > It is rumored very strongly that this is absolutely not an option. That
      > said this is thus far only a rumor and only unofficial. This perhaps a
      > question that could be forwarded to the Kingdom Transition Officer and
      > we could get an official word on this.
      > Bureaucracy
      > So far this has been entirely mentioned as a negative aspect of a
      > Barony. So far this is the only Con that hasn't been
      explained as to
      > why it is a negative. Out of a desire to make sure all pros and cons
      > are discussed fully I ask this question. How would the layer of
      > Bureaucracy of the Barony negatively affect you, the way you play in the
      > SCA or the way the groups in the area interact? I further ask this
      > question. Is it possible for this to be a Pro as well as a Con and if
      > so how?
      > I asked folks to think about the tangible benefits and detractors of
      > both sides of the question for you and for your group. Tangible as in
      > direct and real benefits and direct and real detractors. I hope that
      > people may be willing to put these out onto the list for folks to
      > politely comment on.
      > We continue to have very good posts and discussion on this and I look
      > forward to more well thought out comments and discussion.
      > Ian the Green
      > Ayreton Towne

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    • AlexdeSet@aol.com
      Greetings! ???? Note! The following is MY OPINION ONLY, and is, in fact, only a suggestion. ???? I respectfully request that persons who hold a title (like,
      Message 77 of 77 , Jul 3, 2007
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             Note! The following is MY OPINION ONLY, and is, in fact, only a suggestion.

             I respectfully request that persons who hold a title (like, say, "Regional Seneschal"...I'll use that example because I hold that office) refrain from using it for purposes of this discussion.

             That is to say, I might post that The Regional Seneschal says...this or that...or The Regional Seneschal thinks...this or that. In my experience, such comments might lead folks to believe that an Official Declaration or Official Comment was being made.

             You will note that unless I am speaking as the Regional Seneschal, I speak as Alexander, some guy from Ravenslake. In that way, Alexander can make his opinions known, and the Regional Seneschal's opinion on the matter (whatever it may be) is not mixed in. Sometimes I speak as the Regional Seneschal, and have been invited to some group meetings in that role. Normally, I kick in my two cents with everyone else.

             I hope that others who hold offices, unless they are specifically speaking as the officeholder, will make any advice, comments, suggestions, etc. as themselves, not from their office.

             Once again, this is Just My Opinion and suggestion.
        Is mise le meas,
        Alexander de Seton,
        some guy from Ravenslake

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