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FW: What Kind Of Rope?

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  • Kyla
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      "Any rope that will be good enough for Tug-O-War."

      That is, strong enough that multiple people can pull on it without it
      going *snap!*. And long enough for as many people as can grab on to
      grab on. Natural materials would be nice & period. But modern would
      be better than not being able to play :) .

      Hunkerhausen (sp?) is T-o-W for two people perched on short logs of
      about 8" diameter -- first person to let go of the rope or touch the
      ground loses. Distance doesn't really matter, but they should be
      able to fall forward without hitting the other player or the other
      log -- just in case they do fall forward.

      All other period and period-seeming games welcome, too -- field *and*

      Gratefully yours,
      -- Dahrien Cordell =)
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