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  • ayretontownecryer
    The Ayreton Fighter Practices SUNDAY Grey Gargoyles We regret to announce that the Ayreton area practice that is held at Grey Gargoyles is cancelled due to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2006
      The Ayreton Fighter Practices


      Grey Gargoyles

      We regret to announce that the Ayreton area practice that is held
      at Grey Gargoyles is cancelled due to the University of Chicago
      closing for Spring Break. This practice will reconvene April 2,


      ** Thieves of Heart

      This is currently only a Rapier practice however it is open to
      heavy fighters as well. If you are a heavy fighter interested in
      this practice please contact the Ravenslake Knights Marshall
      Gintaras at gintarasthetaura@...

      This practice includes 1/2 hour to 1 hour of instruction for
      rapier at the beginning of the practice. Marked improvement has
      been noted for those that attend the practice in their skills.
      Everyone is welcome to attend!

      Directions to the Thieves of Heart Practice!!

      Practices are held Tuesday evenings 6:30p to 9p at the Glenbrook
      North High School. Address: 2300 Shermer Road, Northbrook IL.

      Best way to I - 294 to Willow Road Exit. Exit Willow road to the
      EAST. Aprox 1.9 miles to Shermer Road. Turn Left onto Shermer
      road. Follow Shermer 4 blocks to the last driveway into the school
      and turn left. Go past the stop sign, turn left into the next
      parking lot and then turn right behind the tennis courts. The
      parking lot will be on your left. Look for the propped open door to
      the gym that will be on your left as you enter the parking lot.

      ** Foxvale

      The Incipient Shire of Foxvale has practice in Aurora, IL from 6p
      to 9p on Tuesday nights as well. Here is a link to their events
      calendar. Simply click on the link in the calendar to get driving
      directions. http://www.foxvale.org/events/php



      While this practice is not an official SCA archery practice we have
      been ivited by newcomers to the SCA , Hannah and Heather to come and
      practice there on Wednesday evenings. This would be a great way for
      newcomers to meet "old timers" doing something they both enjoy.

      Every Wednesday evening at about 6:30pm at the Archery Custom Shop
      in Forest Park. Here's a link:
      http://www.archerycustomshop.com/index.html We would certainly
      welcome (and actually encourage) anyone to join us! The cost is only
      $10.00, which includes a rental bow, 6 arrows, a target, and the
      range fee.

      If you have your own bow/arrows, the cost is a mere $7.50 (which
      includes a target and the range fee). If someone is interested in
      archery and just want to come by and check it out, Heather and I can
      get them set up and shooting (and having a great time in no time)
      without having to take a lesson. The people that are regulars to the
      range are also really kind and genuine - after shooting we all
      usually go out for a bite at the pub next door to the range. Great

      But, if someone is serious about studying, archery lessons are only
      $29.00 (again, which includes a rental bow, 6 arrows, target, and
      range fee as well as the instructor's fee) - both Heather and Hannah
      study with Ed, who's very patient, detail-oriented, and I believe
      certified as a Master. Since working with him I'm confident enough
      to join the competition league there (as I get good shot groupings
      from 20 yards now). Ed teaches on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and all
      they'd need to do is call the Archery Custom Shop to set up a time
      with him...
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