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FW: Border Skirmish - GAMES!

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  • Kyla
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      For those who are interested:

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      Subject: Border Skirmish - GAMES!

      At Border Skirmish, next Saturday 06/23/07, we're providing games to
      play throughout the day -- field games and board games, all sorts of
      games, I hope. I've already arranged for Kubb, Chess, Tug-O-War,
      Hunkerhausen (sp?), Goose, 9-Man Moriss, Bocce, and more. Of course,
      being greedy for entertainment, I'd love to have even more options

      If you would like to bring or loan any games or equipment for people
      to play that day, please contact me, The Fun And Honorable Lord
      Dahrien Cordell. *** Put your name and phone number on them! ***
      I'll keep them at the Games area, and help make sure they get back to
      you. If you can bring them to the event, great; if not, and I can
      arrange to pick them up beforehand, that's fine, too. (I live in
      Milwaukee, WI.) If you can, please provide written directions for
      any games to help make sure people know how to play.

      Whether you can bring more games or not,

      -- T(Fa)HL Dahrien Cordell =)
      Magister Ludi, Border Skirmish 2007
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