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Regional Archery Tournament Results

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    Good Gentles all, Read now and learn the winners of this years Middle Regional Archery Tournament. After 5 rounds: Clout, Unknown distance, Advancing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2007
      Good Gentles all,
      Read now and learn the winners of this years Middle Regional Archery Tournament.  After 5 rounds:  Clout, Unknown distance, Advancing Warrior, Timed Castle Window, and Royal Round.
      1st  His Excellency Gareth Thorne
      2nd  THL Duncadh Mac Gabhann
      3rd  Wolfram Von Waldersbach
      4th  Lady Jane of Carlisle the Tall
      5th  Gavin Blakwode

      Lord Dougal MacAlister the Tardy
      Archery Marshal for the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea

      Drop - Dead Deputy Regional Archery Marshal of the Middle


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