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The New Revised Ayreton Arts Marshal Announcements

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  • ayretontownecryer
    The Ayreton Announcements are a bit on the lean side this week. Please check to see if your announcement has been included. I sent out a request last week
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2007
      The Ayreton Announcements are a bit on the lean side this week.  Please check to see if your announcement has been included.  I sent out a request last week asking for people to resend me their announcement requests so I know what information is up to date and what is out of date.  If I didn't receive your request I am not announcing the practice but I'd like to.  :-)  Please send it to me if you haven't already.
      Here is the summer schedule for youth boffer.....It takes place at 2 different spots. 
      The months of June and July have the same 1st and 3rd Mondays that we always try to maintain.  Please note the other dates are different days of the week.  For Sunday practices: Sibeal and her family have a pool and have offered its use after the fighting sessions are over.  So, please bring your swim suit and enjoy!  The only requirement is that the parents must stay and supervise their children

      June: 4th (Mon), 10th (Sun), 18th (Mon), 28th (Thurs)

      2nd (Mon), 12th (Thurs), 16th (Mon), 22 (Sun)
      12th (Sun) and *26th ( Sun)
      *the 26th is our end of the summer potluck.  Our fighters enjoy each others company (and the parents like to chat as well!) and this gives them a relaxed chance to spend the last summer practice together!

      Two Places:
      Monday and Thursdays: these are all at Anna's house (same place as last years youth practices)
      KCMalone3@...) if you have questions
      6:00-9:00 or dark
      6s054 Country Glen Dr.
      Naperville, IL  60563

      Just north and west of the Route 59 train station.  The first house on the right, facing Country Glen Dr.  You will see the chairs and fighters in the front as we use the side yard to fight in.

      Sundays: these are all at Sibeal's house
      sibeal63@...)  if you have any questions
      1:30-until "tired"....fighting will probably go until about 3:30 or 4 and then swimming
      10S060 Alago Road
      Naperville, Il 60564

      Just off of 87th Street on the south side of the Springbrook Prairie preserve.  The house is on the west side of the street.  Fighting will be in the back yard.

      Acelina is the marshall in charge. Any questions for her can go to DJC137@....
        The Province of Tree Girt Sea, Shire of Grey Gargoyles and Shire of Vanished Woods all officially practice at the Grey Gargoyles site every Sunday of the month.  We call this the Ayreton Fighter Practice.
      This practice is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. every Sunday.  By about 2 p.m. there are other people to play with almost always.
      A request has been made for all fighters able to please come to this Sunday May 20, 2007 and match swords with those that have been accepted to fight in Crown Tournament.  Please, all who can, come and help invigorate these worthy fighters!
      Directions to the Grey Gargoyles Site
          Be Warned that the Dan Ryan (90/94) is subject to construction.  You may wish to take an alternate route.  Alternate directions can be found at : 
      Please be aware that if you do take Lake Shore Drive as your alternate route Class "B" License Plates are NOT allowed on Lake Shore Drive.
        Ida Noyes Hall - 59th St. and Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60637
      - Find the best route to I-90/I-94 in South Chicago
      . Take I-90/I-90 and exit
      Garfield Blvd. (55th St.)
      - Turn east immediately (first light) and proceed past 5 stoplights.
      - Cross Martin Luther King drive and enter park.

      - At the Y in the road go right. This will lead you onto the Midway Plaisance (
      59th St.)
      - Go to Woodlawn Avenue, Turn left and park. Ida Noyes Hall is on the northeast corner of Woodlawn and Midway. See map for details
        Map Link   
         Thieves of Hearts Practice
      Heavy fighters and Rapier fighters both attend this practice.  All levels of skill are welcomed and wanted.  Rapier and aspiring rapier practitioners will find group as well as one on one instructions in rapier combat for both singles and melee.
      Practices are held Tuesday evenings 6:30p to 9p at the Glenbroom North High School.  Address: 2300 Shermer Road, Northbrook, IL
      Directions to the Thieves of Hearts Practice, including a very useful and helpful overhead map can be found at: http://thieves.ayreton.org/
      Text Directions are:
      - Best way to I - 294 to Willow Road Exit.
      - Exit Willow Road to the East.  Follow to Shermer.
      - Turn Left onto Shermer road.  Follow Shermer 4 blocks to the last driveway into the
        school and turn left.
      - Go past the stop sign, turn left into the next parking lot and then turn right behind the
         tennis courts.  The parking lot will be on your left.  Look for the propped open door.
      As mentioned previously I know there are missing announcements.  Please forward your announcement requests to me so that your practice gets announced too!
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