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A Rumble from.............................Penilond Labs!

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  • Andrew Otto
    I ll let this missive serve as the reminder that Science! night starts this Sunday (May 27th) at Penilond Maner from 4:00-11:00pm. The map and directions as
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2007
      I'll let this missive serve as the reminder that Science! night starts this Sunday (May 27th) at Penilond Maner from 4:00-11:00pm. The map and directions as well as the details will be up on the frasers-oak site later today.
      From an email sent to me privately:
      Hi Angus!
      I'm very interested in a sciences night.  I'm attempting to learn woodworking, I've dabbled in armoring, I've made lots of wine, and I'm quite sure I'll pick up more fascinations as time goes by.  Unfortunately I won't be able to make this Sunday.  I'd like to come in the future though so if you develop a mailing list for it please include me :)
      and if you have all those woodworking tools you probably know how to use them?..... you wouldn't happen to be able to teach me the old fashioned hand tools such as planes and chisels?
      From the basement of The Oak you hear a loud "thunk" followed swiftly by a stream of Scott's invective. Angus appears out of the basement lab, hair filled with cobwebs and sawdust.
      "Pardon m'English there. Cracked m'noggin on a low hangin' board. "
      "Aye m'lady, there will be plenty of folks there to teach you in th' use of traditional tools as well as those modern, 'water-powered'[1] ones in m'shop.
      As far as MY knowledge of how things work, 'tis my experience that the chisels and planes are for makin great motherin' gouges into th' wood where y'don't want 'em. Th' saws and such are for makin' your material just a wee bit too small. The lathe, a beauty she is, is used to turn exotic wood into exotic sawdust.
      Sad it is that you canna' make it this week, but I look forward to seein' ya' soon"
      Angus heads back down to the lab. A loud CLANG followed by yet another string of invectives eminate from downstairs. Finally, after a few moments of muttering, you hear the soft *swish* *swish* of a plane smooting wood, and then the strains of "Hooked on a Feeling"[2] being mangled by a nasal-ey tenor voice.
      There's a Frasers-Oak website? Well, not quite yet. There is still a bunch of construction going on. You can access the site at www.frasers-oak.com  I'll be putting in an image gallery, the RSS feed is up already, there will be forums, mailing lists, and (one Angus' favorite words) blogs.
      Frankly, I am excited that there are so many fine folk interested in attending Science! night! I have actually gotten my backside in gear to clean the ruddy place up, install additional lighting, and *gasp* start organizing.
      Looking forward to seeing y'all
      [1] "Water powered" they cry - is Angus addled? Those power tools are electrical. Well, yes and no.  Nuke, oil and coal power is generated with steam turbines, right? So a tablesaw could be considered a "water powered" tool, and that's period, right?
      [2] Angus was singing the "ooga chugga" version by Blue Swede

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