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Re: [Ayreton] 7 1/2 halberd Question

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  • Erick Maxskelly
    What about the pole-axes that TJ of By My Hand sells? Would those fit the bill? (ha ha) ... -- Ld. Earik MacSkellie Squire to Sir Galem Lionel Ostwestly
    Message 1 of 5 , May 22, 2007
      What about the pole-axes that TJ of By My Hand sells? Would those fit the bill? (ha ha)

      On 5/22/07, Blair Peterson <stoutmaker@...> wrote:

      Thanks Christian. I think my biggest error when reading these descriptions
      was that I wanted to build a halberd, but was instead invisioning a poleax.
      Hence, I think I'll be building about 10" of striking surface between the
      tip and the axe head itself, which will sit at the bottom of the striking
      surface, which I will pad on both sides, to more closely resemble the long
      blades I found to protrude out of the top of some halberd pictures I found.

      I am curious about how midrealm weapons are accepted or not at the war
      though so I will be following up with the Lilies Marshall.


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      >From: Christian Fournier < cf@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [Ayreton] 7 1/2 halberd Question
      >Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 06:05:24 -0500

      >>So I was wanting to build a 7 1/2 halberd to take to Lilies war, and so I
      >>just checked out the calontir marshals handbook and it says that any
      >>over 4 ft must have a striking surface of at least 18 inches. I then went
      >>and checked the Middle Kingdom Marshals handbook and did not find this
      >>The pre-formed axe rubber axe head I have unfortunately only carries a 7
      >>inch striking surface. As I read Calontir's weapon restrictions, this
      >>I need to find a different head or build a different head if I want to
      >>with this weapon at Lilies.
      >Sounds like it-- though you have some options, still: First, send an
      >email to LiliesMarshal@... and ask if all weapons must follow
      >Calontir's handbook. It's possible that a weapon built to the Society
      >rule may be allowed, given how many people come to Lillies from other
      >Second, if you need this weapon to be Calontir-legal, consider building an
      >18" striking surface (must be padded), with the 7" axe head as a
      >protruding part of that. Won't so much look like any weapon I've ever
      >seen, but it'll give you what you want and fit their rules.
      > Christian Fournier

      Ld. Earik MacSkellie
      Squire to Sir Galem Lionel Ostwestly
      Marshal, Incipient Shire of Foxvale

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