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12th Night Royal Gift Basket

Greeting Barony, Our new Baron and Baroness Gareth and Hillary have asked Elaine and me to put together a Welcome Basket for Their Royal Majesties for 12th
Nov 27

Teaching classes at A Monk's Life: Scribing and Imbibin2: Back to t

It was so much fun the first time we are doing it again! Anyone who wishes to teach a scribal class at A Monk's Life: Scribin and Imbibin 2: Back at the
Nov 26

Youth Boffer Combat

Good Gentles of the Barony-- Recently, a question was asked about Youth Combat, and there was an email sent out the officers "who does this?" The answer is
Ayreton Seneschal
Nov 26

Re: Digest Number 2627

Inside would be warmer....isn't there a largish building towards the front of the North gate....almost like a welcome center? Hillary ... From: Dayle Harding
Nov 24

Re: Digest Number 2627

The gate with the tunnels is the front gate, or North gate (helps that I not only used to be a member, but I work really close to this place).   We could also
Dayle Harding
Nov 24

Re: Digest Number 2627

That's a very good question. I'd say past the front gate through the tunnel by the registers before you enter into the zoo. Not sure if that's the North
Baronage Ayreton
Nov 22

Re: Digest Number 2627

Is there a meeting place for the caroling at the Brookfield Zoo? On Friday, November 20, 2015 3:41 AM, "Ayreton@yahoogroups.com"
Hyacinth Egner
Nov 21

Paging Master Gailen Alric Ros

Please email me back. Thanks, Dunstan Bramblette, Baronial Webminister
Rob Hicks
Nov 20

Ayreton at Brookfield Zoo Holiday Lights

Good evening everyone! Gareth and I have a proposition for y'all. Well, bunches of propositions... Social events for the sake of hanging out together doing
Baronage Ayreton
Nov 19

Re: Winter Meeting and Holiday Party Information

Our gracious Hosts Mistress Amelie and Sir Thomas will be providing the Main Dishes and Non-Alcoholic beverages. Bring a dish to share. Reply with your offered
Ayreton Seneschal
Nov 17

Winter Meeting and Holiday Party Information

*When*: December 13th, 2015 *Host Location*: Home of Sir Thomas Penyngton and Mistress Amelie d’Anjou *Address*: 1147 Jackson Ave. River Forest, IL 60305
Ayreton Seneschal
Nov 17

Thank you!

Good afternoon Ayreton, Gareth and I would very much like to extend our gratitude for the kindness and support that we were shown this weekend at KWAR/KWCS.
Baronage Ayreton
Nov 15

Re: Ayreton Holiday Party & Winter Baronial Meeting

This is the final remider for anyone who is wanting to put themselves, their families in to host the meeting/party, or for a Canton who would like to offer to
Ayreton Seneschal
Nov 1

File - Feature Reminder.txt

This is a periodic message sent to let Ayreton members know about the Yahoo! Group features and as a reminder to keep its information up to date. If you are a
Nov 1

File - Group Policy.txt

The Ayreton Yahoo! Group is used to post news, make announcements, and for discussion of interest to all groups in the Chicago area. We encourage all people
Nov 1
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