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New file uploaded to Ayreton

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the Ayreton group. File : /Zephyr May
May 21

Special Edition Zephyr Baronial Candidates

Good evening Ayreton, Thanks to Master Dougale for his excellent proofreading abilities I am sending out the May Zephyr with the letters of intent for the
May 21
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    Zephyr May 2015 Baronial Candidates Special Edition completed .pdf

Everybody Wins

Sain Bainu, Barony-mates! In conjunction with the Let's All Make Nice New Garb for the Investiture of the New Coronet Project, I'm going to bring a bunch of
Dolores Becker
May 13

Next meeting and baronial candidates

Good afternoon everyone, The next baronial meeting will be held at: Skrines Chop House ... 7230 W. Madison St. Forest Park, 60130 http://
May 10

Re: Kimono help needed. Do you know how to engarb with Kimono?

Dear Kashiko and Morgause, Thanks so much for the reply! This is exactly what I was looking for! Some people who understand Japanese kimono, and also
May 7

Re: Kimono help needed. Do you know how to engarb with Kimono?

Hi Fern, I lived in Japan for 6.5 years and had many lovely occasions to dress in the traditional kimono (with real Obi as opposed to the pretend ones...)  If
S. Haas
May 4

Re: Kimono help needed. Do you know how to engarb with Kimono?

I may have a schedule conflict on those dates, but I haven't gotten a confirmation back one way or another. I would love an opportunity to visit the Center
Kitsune Yamamura
May 4

Kimono help needed. Do you know how to engarb with Kimono?

Dear Ayreton fans of Japanese culture, Would you like to help out with a kimono display? My Aikido group will be sponsoring a display of Kimonos (20th century)
May 4

File - Feature Reminder.txt

This is a periodic message sent to let Ayreton members know about the Yahoo! Group features and as a reminder to keep its information up to date. If you are a
May 1

File - Group Policy.txt

The Ayreton Yahoo! Group is used to post news, make announcements, and for discussion of interest to all groups in the Chicago area. We encourage all people
May 1

Baronial polling - reminder

Greetings all! The deadline for Letters of Intent is TOMORROW! If you have sent me something and have not gotten an acknowledgement - contact me ASAP! In
James McAdams
Apr 28

Pennsic Royalty Encampment Cooks for a Day!!!

Greetings to All, (Please feel free to cross post) We have FINALLY found Spring (or it has found us) and in the distance we can faintly
Jenna Klauss
Apr 27

OT - Living arrangements

Hi, Everybody -  I’m sending this out to pretty much all my groups; I apologize for hijacking the bandwidth and I’ll try to keep itbrief.  I am looking
Dolores Becker
Apr 24

Baronial Letters of Intent

Greetings all! The deadline to submit letters of intent to be considered for our next Baron and Baroness is April 29th - one week from today. As of right now,
James McAdams
Apr 21

Letters of Intent

Hello everyone, Sending a friendly baronial reminder. Anyone writing letters of intent for baron and/or baroness, please get them to THL Xavier Jim McAdams
Apr 19
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