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995Border Skirmish

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  • Clint Anderson
    May 14, 2007

      Unto the dragon solders of the midlands do I, Anton du Marais, send greetings.  Once again the war drums sound in the distance and it is time once more for those who would serve their Crown to ready their steel and prepare for war.  As the Midlands Rapier Commander, I would ask that all blades able to attend join with me on the weekend of June 22-24 as we meet with our cousins from Northshield upon the field of battle at this years Border Skirmish.  This ecent will provide us with an invaluable opportunity to practice together as a Region and prepare for the Great War ahead.  For those of you not of the Midlands I would invite you as well, for it will take many blades to match those of Northshield.   So polish your steel and make your plans to attend. We will prepare by fighting several battles designed to simulate the various battlefields at Pennsic plus some other fun scenarios as well.  I look forward to taking the field with all of you.


      Draco Invictus

      Anton du Marais

      Midlands Regional Rapier Commander

      Anton du Marais 

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