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988Re: [Ayreton] from the Mayor

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  • kevin purtrell
    May 9, 2007
      Is Master Hal Consigliere or Capo in this thing that we do?
      -Kevin Ambrozijwski

      spdesroches@... wrote:
      Greetings Citizens!
      First of all, thanks to all those who responded to my questions. Your feelings on the subject have been very helpful to my talk this past weekend with the representative of the Crown. We have been noticed in our efforts here, and the questions posed by TRM's envoy were more than adequately answered, thanks in no small part by assessing your feelings on various matters here. Your posts were kept anonymous, the answers were counted and passed to the envoy, who will return to the Curia for their next meeting in about 3 weeks. All in all, a good meeting, and a very positive message has been sent out.
           Second, I would like to call for a Town Meeting at Border Skirmish in Ravenslake on June 23. I intend to discuss with the citizens here the results of the questions, so please continue to send those surveys to me. We shall also make plans for future mayoral happings, as well as discuss the next Ayreton event. Look for the linked ring banner of Ayreton there.
           Third, I would like to announce that I have appointed a Deputy! He is Master Hal Raeburn of TGS. He has my authority (which really is none) to act in my stead in the event of my absence. Please welcome him as you would me. No rotten fruit or vegetables, please.
           Finally, Sarafina and I will be travelling through the Kingdom of Atlantia this week, attending an event in the Barony of Falcon Cree this weekend. I will be wearing the regalia of the Lord Mayor in these distant lands, and giving Atlantian award medallions made by my hand to the Treasury of Atlantia. We will also be visiting Williamsburg and Jamestown in Virginia. Knock on wood, the price of gas doesn't climb over $4.
      Yours In Service
      Hizzoner Etienne

      The fish are biting.
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