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980Re: [Ayreton] From Etienne

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  • spdesroches@att.net
    May 4, 2007

      Greetings Citizens!


      Thanks to those of you who have responded so far, the rest of you please keep coming with your opinions on all or some of those questions I've put to you. The input is tremendous! I plan on assessing all of this to see what directions we should discuss taking as a group, as well as talking to folks higher up who may have suggestions or laws they wish us to maintain so our group is within the structure of SCA and Kingdom law.


      In Service to the Realm and Ayreton


      THL  Etienne le Couteau des Roches  

      -------------- Original message from "Steven DesRoches" <spdesroches@...>: --------------


      This missive may be lengthy, please forgive me. When I accepted the
      post of Lord Mayor, I promised that I would strive to take the concept
      of Ayreton to a new level. Thus far, the goals of the last five years
      of greater cooperation and communication between the Chicagoland
      groups are being met. In order to achieve further progress, I would
      put to the citizens the following questions.
      1. What is your perception of the purpose(s) of the Ayreton group?
      2. Has the group seen progress since its inception 5 years ago?
      3. What benefits have you enjoyed as part of the group?
      4. What problems have you encountered as part of the group?
      5. What further goals would you like to see attained through the group?
      6. Do you wish that we would pursue a more formal codification of the
      group into the Middle Kingdom?

      I ask these questions be responded to as a private survey, not a
      public forum. Please respond to me privately at spdesroches@ att.net

      THL Etienne le Couteau des Roches

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