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950Re: [Ayreton] Re: Background checks for Youth people

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  • Peg Cook
    Apr 18, 2007
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      Speaking as a Girl Scout leader, as someone who has submitted to background checks for both work and volunteer purposes and as a parent--
      I don't think that requiring background checks will completely eliminate youth activities. What seems more likely to me is that you will take an already relatively tiny pool of people and chase out the ones who think background checks are intrusive or unnecessary. This will make youth activities even fewer and further between as the pool of willing and acceptable people gets smaller.
      As a parent--I never turn complete authority for my child over to anyone at an event. I believe if I am present and participating in the activity with my child--standing by the boffer list, shooting archery next to my kid, then I don't feel the need for extra "assurance" that the person running the activity isn't a child molester. If we are going to worry about pedophiles having acces to kids, then it's more worrisome to me to think about the times kids are running loose at events, subject to the "Candy, little girl" come-on of some random person at an event.
      But this proposal of the BoD isn't about making sure that people running kids' activites aren't convicted (because a background check won't catch the ones who didn't get caught) pedophiles. It's about covering the organization's butt in case something (else) happens and someone sues. The organization can claim due diligence and be done.
      I personally have no problem submitting to a background check. I would rather not pay a large amount of money to do the check myself. But I would do it. But many people won't.
      My 2 cents.

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      From: Wolfram von Waldersbach
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      Subject: Re: [Ayreton] Re: Background checks for Youth people

      Greetings (former) Lady Mayor,

      There is another potential aspect in this too, involving Archery Marshals.
      As it stands right now, Archery Marshals-in- Training are the only group of
      marshals that have to conduct a Youth activity as part of their training.
      Under this, prospective Archery MiTs are going to have to undergo a
      background check before they ever attend a single event for their training.
      This could have a chilling effect on membership for future Archery Marshals
      who may have no desire to have their background prodded into before they
      even complete one part of their training.

      I also concur with the Lord Mayor in that this may end up shutting down
      Youth activities across the board in the SCA.

      I am also wondering if this issue hasn't been addressed before, especially
      since there are now SCA Members who have parents and grandparents that "grew
      up" in the SCA.

      In Service,

      -Wolfram von Waldersbach
      Archery Marshal in Training, the Shire of the Grey Gargoyles

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